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World Read Aloud Day 2012

7th March 2012

I am so excited for today’s post and have been looking forward to it for a couple of weeks because today is World Read Aloud Day: Change the World, Story by Story.

LitWorld has this to say about WRAD:

Worldwide at least 793 million people remain illiterate.

Imagine a world where everyone can read…

World Read Aloud Day is about taking action to show the world that the right to read and write belongs to all people. World Read Aloud Day motivates children, teens, and adults worldwide to celebrate the power of words, especially those words that are shared from one person to another, and creates a community of readers advocating for every child’s right to a safe education and access to books and technology.

By raising our voices together on this day we show the world’s children that we support their future: that they have the right to read, to write, and to share their words to change the world.

Thankfully, I grew up in a household where books were always important. My mom and dad both love to read, and not only did my mom read and do great narration when she read to us, but in the summertime, we also chose a family book and read from it each night. These are such special memories for me. So, in honor of World Read Aloud Day, I asked my aunt if she would let me share my cousin’s newfound love of books in a video. My mom read her The Monster at the End of This Book by Jon Stone and illustrator Michael Smollin a few weeks ago, and she’s officially in love. Ella even got her own copy for her birthday and didn’t really want to open her other presents. She walks around saying, “Oh, I am so embarrassed” – her favorite line from the book. So here we are, Ella and her Gigi, reading The Monster at the End of the Book. I hope you enjoy, and I hope you take a chance to check out LitWorld and its message and consider making a donation.

I know. Cuteness overload. 🙂 So what’s your favorite book to read aloud or be read aloud?

P.S. I love listening to books, and Audible is a convenient, relatively inexpensive way to do that. Right now they are having a special where you can join for $7.50 for the first three months. You get one credit for an ebook each month. If you’ve ever priced audiobooks, you know that’s a deal. Plus, right now they’re running a $4.95 sale for members only. It would be a great time to join up!
[The Picky Girl makes a small percentage if you click on the affiliate link, fyi.]

Things that make me go hmm…

9th August 2011

I saw this ad for the first time this weekend, and though I won’t get all IHATEAMAZONtheyarekillingbookstores on you, I will say the first thing that popped into my head was “Who doesn’t want to go to the bookstore?” Amazon’s marketing campaign is so off. Readers love going to bookstores. That is why we are so adamant about saving them. We love just being at the bookstore. I mean, I love my Nook Color, and it can be extremely convenient, but I never think: “YEA! Downloaded the book. No need to go to the bookstore.” Craziness.

Amazon: “target audience.” It’s an important term in marketing, and I don’t think you’ve quite internalized it yet. Go back to Marketing 101.



What do you think? Did you pick up on this, or am I being way over-sensitive?

Hot and Bothered: My Love Affair with My Nook Color

16th June 2011

Whisper sweet nothings in my ear, dearest.

You may remember I got a Nook for my birthday in April, but I wasn’t sure about the whole ereader thing because I hadn’t done any research. So I did some research. Then I did a vlog to show me opening my Nook Color, except I’m apparently a moron and can’t figure out how to edit video, so sorry. I ended up with a Nook Color, and it has changed my life.

Ok, not really. Except…yeah, really. I go to the gym five days a week. (That may sound impressive, but I weigh the same exact amount as I did last summer when I did the Game On Diet, so no.) Anyway, until my Nook, I tried to bring books to the gym, but it didn’t quite work. The pages wouldn’t stay open. Or, if it was a hardback, the book would be off-balance on the miniscule shelf on the machine and fall to the ground, or worse, on the treadmill a la…



So. That’s not pretty, and I quit trying to read at the gym. I listened to music or watched whatever stupid sport or stock quote channel they were showing (because even though I was at the gym I was too lazy to go ask them to change it).

Then I got my Nook Color [cue angelic music]. Now I have a gym read, which I only read at the gym. I don’t know how it got compartmentalized like that, but it’s actually great because it makes me want to go to the gym. Monday, I stayed on this kickyourassmakeyouunabletobreatheorwanttolive machine for an hour just so I could read some more. And, guys, it is hot. Really hot. They keep the gym temp wayyy too high for my taste. And I’m at the gym, so I’m bothered. Thus, the title. Wait, what did you think I meant??

You guys. So dirty.

My inquiring mind wants to know: has your ereader blown your mind lately?

jenn aka the picky girl