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Fridays at Home: Let’s Play Pretend II

18th May 2012

Last week for Fridays at Home: Let’s Play Pretend I told you guys a friend had hired me to help him pick out paint colors and carpet for his condo as well as paint it. It was quite the undertaking, even for someone as paint crazy as me. As for being a house painter for the weekend…it was some rough physical labor, and for about two days after, my entire body hurt. BUT – I painted for 9 or so hours each day, and that’s a lot, especially when you’re up and down a ladder and scooting across a hard wood floor. Normally, I’d paint one room at my house in a day or two, so to do three rooms (and one of them is a combo dining/living space) in two days was pretty quick.

The condo was laid out about like this:

Via Autodesk Homestyler

The biggest problem is that the only windows are on one wall in the living room. The living room/dining room and kitchen have an open floor plan, so they have a lot of light, but the bedroom and bathroom have no natural light. Plus, the bedroom has a ceiling mount light fixture, which only adds to the darkness. I’ve recommended he change this out as soon as possible. The living/dining area was plain ivory, which was fine but really boring. Nothing stood out, and the space has some great architectural details. The bedroom was purple (forgot to take a pic), and the bathroom was a truly horrific mauve pink.

The other problem was that all the walls were not at right angles. Instead, they were curved. This is very popular in construction at the moment, but the problem is, it can be difficult to determine where to end color. If there are a lot of architectural features in the space (such as this condo), you have to really be careful you know exactly where to start and stop the color. For example, a column that separated the living/dining area from the kitchen actually curved and continued into the kitchen ceiling. I certainly didn’t want to paint the lower ceiling and certainly not a dark color.

Here are some pics, but keep in mind they are with my cell phone, so they aren’t the best:

Very blah. Built-in shelves don't stand out at all.

Rounded corners on ever surface. Problematic.

80s/90s mauve pink bathroom. Ugh.

The plan was to a. update the space, b. bring in color, and c. still keep it masculine. Here are the color choices (we did try samples first). Carpet is only installed in the bedroom.

Living Room Color: Relaxed Navy

Bathroom Color: Valspar Rugged Suede

Bedroom Color: Valspar Cathedral Stone

Mohawk Santa Cantarina Foggy Mist

And here are a few snaps of the progress and the completed spaces:


Cutting in around the curved windows...I'm a pro ๐Ÿ™‚

Example of the curvature

Defining the built-in cabinets

Architectural detail separating living/dining area

Bedroom pre-carpet

Bedroom post-carpet

Slightly truer color through the French doors into the bedroom

I love this color in the bathroom against the tile - notice the purply/pink still on the column to the right.

And against the shower tile (though color not completely dry)

All in all, it took me about 18 hours to paint these three spaces by myself, and I kind of feel like a hoss. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Of course, I still want to get back in there to help him pick out light fixtures, area rugs, a coffee table, and some new bedding, but it was super fun to get to make decisions about someone else’s space and have them foot the bill for it. Of course, designing for a single man was probably a good first job because he wasn’t very picky. Or at least he said he wasn’t. Any time the color swatches veered toward green, he was very vocal, but that’s excellent. In the end, he was pleased, and I was proud.

So. Got any painting questions? I’m thinking about doing a video on cutting in (painting where walls meet or where walls meet the ceiling) without tape. If you’re interested, let me know. I can honestly say that tape (which I haven’t used in years) is a huge waste of time. But that’s a whole other post…and I might even show you my painting clothes (yes, an outfit dedicated to painting).

Hit me up. What do you want to know?

Fridays at Home

19th August 2011

It is Friday, my friends. Rejoice. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am feeling happy and sunny today, and I thought I would share my front door makeover with you.

As I’ve mentioned before, my house is 108 years old, and I have the original front door and hardware. I have never been in love with the door, but that was partially because it was this dirty, ugly maroon. See below.

with Christmas wreath and ugly screen door

with ugly, useless screen door (it had a tear in the screen)

So this weekend, I bought a quart of Valspar by Eddie Bauer Daffodil in high-gloss/enamel and decided to brave the heat to get this project done. (Yes, I had tried about 8 samples before getting this particular color). I had gone over the door a lot with the sample paint just to make sure it was the color, so ignore the ugliness.


First step: tape doorknob and plate

Why didn’t I just remove it? Well, it’s been on there for over 100 years. If it ain’t broke…. and all that jazz. So I taped it like so:

Lots of little pieces of tape later...

Next step was to remove the deadbolt and some of the paint I had gotten on it from my enthusiastic sample painting. There were two screws on the inside of the door. Loosen those, and the lock comes away in two pieces. Voila!

Then, because I didn’t want to sling paint through to the other side, I taped it as well.

After that, I was ready to paint. And paint. It was hot out there, but I put my trash bag underneath the door to catch drips and would let each coat dry before evenly applying another. Thin and even strokes. I actually did use a brush, though I would have used a tiny roller had I had one at the house. Then, sit back and let it dry.

Eat some strawberries and have a glass of tea while you do this...

After you’ve re-hydrated, appreciate your work.

Yea! Oh, and burglars: I photoshopped out the other two numbers. HAHAHA!

I absolutely love it and am so glad I went with the cheery yellow. It’s also kind of ironic since I hated the yellow on the siding of the house, but come on – it was dingy and looked like melted butter. Ugh.

So that’s it. A couple of hours, some mad taping skills, and a little paint, and you’ve got a totally new look. Have you done anything to brighten up your space recently? Or would you never go for a yellow front door? Don’t be scared. I can take it. I think.

Happy Friday!

Fridays at Home

5th August 2011

Well hello there, and thanks for dropping by Fridays at Home. See the past two weeks’ posts here and here.

Today, I want to show you just what I do with some of my great finds, and these two are a couple of my favorites.

Ok, so maybe not my favorites as is – the demilune table was all scratched, and the record cabinet…pink (?). But I knew they had potential for some great side tables for the guest bedroom, which is done in cream, white, and silver. So I dug some paint out of the garage, mixed it with a little white to get the shade, sanded very lightly, and voila!

To me, they’re much improved and perfect for my guest bedroom/summer reading spot. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Thanks so much for stopping by. Have you made any simple but dramatic changes recently?

Adventures in Homeownership

28th June 2011

When you own a 108-year-old house, there is always something needing to be fixed, painted, tweaked, etcetera. Thankfully, since I’ve owned my home I’ve been able to do a lot of that myself. I’ve painted every single room in the house (you may remember my last painting escapade). I have had central air and heat installed (including ductwork) – a necessity where I live. I have added floor-to-ceiling bookshelves in my dining room, also a necessity as my poor books were shoved under beds, in cabinets, and in boxes tucked away in closets.

However, ever since I moved in, I have really really wanted to paint the exterior of the house. It’s butter yellow, and while I don’t have anything against the color, I grew up in two different yellow houses and am SICK of it. If you own a home, though, you understand nothing is ever simple….as Goofy so brilliantly shows in this video “How to Hook Up Your Home Theater:


1. You’ve had a color in mind for ages; in fact, it’s another house in your neighborhood. Knock on said neighbor’s door. Try to convince him you aren’t selling something or trying to convert him to your religion.

2. Go to City Hall to get your color approved as you live in a historic neighborhood. Pay 20 bucks for the honor of having someone tell you the color you chose is “appropriate.” Walk away with a Certificate of Appropriateness.

3. Go to Home Depot, where you are informed said paint sample isn’t large enough. Mentally yell at woman behind paint counter.

4. Go back to house in Step One, where the sweet lady of the house (with a newborn and 2-year-old in tow) allows you to get said paint out of the garage and dip the stirring stick in for a larger sample.

5. Get home and realize paint is wrong color.

6. Buy five samples of paint from Lowe’s, trying to match house from Step One. Apply to siding. Stare at siding and get several other opinions. Choose top color. [See photo below]

7. Buy 5-gallon, $120 tub of Valspar paint. Painter applies, as seen below.

8. Pull into driveway, walk up to front door and HATE color. It’s too dark. It’s hunter green (my least favorite color) and NOTHING like the house which you have in mind.ร‚ย  Get several opinions and a strong drink.

9. Go back to Lowe’s toting 5 gallons of bad paint and ask if they will attempt to lighten it or add some blue. They will not (insert curse word of choice here). Buy three more samples. Drive home. Apply to house. Call in reserves (mom and sister). They agree none of the three is right.

10. Drive back to Lowe’s. Get four more paint samples. Drive home. Apply to house. None is right. [Drink more heavily.]

11. Drive back to house in Step One but cannot bear to ask for more help. Perform covert op during which you bring paint cards up to house on side and find peeling paint behind AC unit. Take chip of crumbling paint. Vow to return and dab matching paint in said area.

12. Go back to Lowe’s where they will match a small area of paint. Get sample. Paint on outside of house. Listen to Dad repeatedly refer to your sweet little house as the “crack house” – mentally punch him in the stomach. ๐Ÿ™‚

13. Bingo. Drink in celebration. House has noww thritteen diffrnt colors [hiccup], including that damn yellow.

And there you have it. Adventures in homeownership? More like missteps in homeownership. If you see a crazed girl at your local hardware store, picking up dozens of paint cards, comparing them to a picture on a phone, and muttering, take pity. For my sake.

jenn aka the very very ridiculously picky girl