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Fridays at Home

22nd July 2011

Old rusted doorplates. I think they'd be beautiful framed.

To. Die. For. Isn't this beautiful? Writing stencils from 1956 that would look so gorgeous on my bookshelves.

An old ice cream maker. Is that color not divine? Would be great in a kitchen.

An old abacus. My sis wants as she's an elementary teacher.

Mahjong tiles in an old jar. I'd love to know how to play for real and not just on the computer. 🙂

So that was my out and about-ing for the day. Did I buy anything? Nah, not this time. But stick around, and I’ll show you some of my favorite finds.

Hope you enjoyed coming along with me. Do you like to decorate and go thrifting? What are some of your favorite hometown spots?