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Review: Three Sisters by Susan Mallery

20th March 2013

Via Goodreads

Via Goodreads

*This book was sent to me courtesy of the publisher Harlequin Mira, in exchange for an honest review.

Andi Gordon was in need of escape. A successful pediatrician, Andi still manages to disappoint her parents – both esteemed in the medical field. Her fiance has left her at the altar and married his secretary in a quickie wedding in Vegas. But Andi doesn’t run to Fiji or drown her sorrows in some other frivolous way. Instead, she buys one of the Three Sisters Queen Anne homes on Blackberry Island. With plans to renovate the decrepit house into a home with a pediatric office on the first floor, Andi knows her venture with a fixer upper is an outer manifestation of her problems, but she doesn’t care. Nor does she realize she has inherited neighbors as well.

Deana Phillips thinks her husband is having an affair but is astonished to learn that he isn’t – but that he and her children are unhappy with her. Meticulous and exacting, Deanna had no idea her desire to be the perfect mother was turning her into a monster.

Boston King, on the other hand, is stalled. A painter, Boston has painted nothing but images of the infant son who died less than a year ago. Deeply in love with her husband but with no idea how to move forward, Boston takes Andi under her wing before realizing they both need one another.

Neighbors are…interesting. If you’ve ever lived in the type of neighborhood where you get to know your neighbors – or not – you know that they’re a bit of a mixed bag. These ladies are no different, but their isolation and love of their homes draw them together, and they slowly open up to the idea that they can share their pain without appearing weak. New and renewed romance enter the picture, but more than anything, Three Sisters is a tale of friendship and healing, as well as the love of home.

If you ever find yourself in the mood for a romance, I can recommend this one without my tongue firmly in my cheek. 🙂

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