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The Revisionists by Thomas Mullen

17th November 2011

*I read this book through Netgalley, courtesy of Mulholland Books, an imprint of Little, Brown.

Premise: Current time is somewheres about where we are now, and it is about to hit the fan and civilization will be semi-wiped out. Dude from future (which is perfect) is sent back in time to stop other dudes from future from messing with stuff, yo. Two different factions exist: one intent on leaving the end of modern civilization as it is and the other determined to avert disaster.

 I’m not big on time travel in books. It worked in Outlander. That’s about the extent of my time travel love. BUT. After I started The Revisionists, I would read a bit more and a bit more until I didn’t want to do anything else.

Which is why what I’m about to say will sound so strange:

I love the title. I love the cover. I did not love this book. I know it’s getting all sorts of crazy love out there, but I had the hardest time keeping track of the characters. There’s Zed who is from Present Perfect where everything is hunky dory, and the problems of the world have gone away in an ultra-controlled environ. Then there’s Leo, a spy, who for half of the book I thought was Zed because well, I just thought the characterization wasn’t great. There is also a whole host of other characters who play into the novel: Sari, a housekeeper for the Korean diplomat, Tasha, a young attorney whose brother was killed in war, as well as a young activist whose actions may lead to the end of the modern world.

Once I finally got into this book, as I said, I enjoyed it. Even so, the characterization and some of the plot twists felt rushed and ill conceived, so it wasn’t a total win for me.

This is a case, though, where almost everyone but me raves about this book. Maybe it just wasn’t for me? What do you think?