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Fridays at Home: Instagram Prinstagram

15th March 2013

Ah, Instagram. You won’t make a bad photo a good photo (though people sure try, poor things), but you sure do make life prettier. The filters are redolent of sweeter, more innocent days (yeah, right), and we can’t resist.

Honestly, I adore Instagram. I took photo classes back in school and have dabbled in photography off and on for years. Instagram is just an extension of my camera obsession. In fact, you’ll only see me use one filter (I’m pickygirl on Instagram) because it is consistent. I read an article a year or so ago that said the photographer only used the same filter, and if a snap didn’t look good with that filter, he didn’t post it. (I can’t find the original article). I stick with that, and it’s a challenge. Of course, from time to time, I still post a not-so-hot photo.

When Effortless Style posted last May about Prinstagram, I hung onto the link. I knew I wanted to do an installation of my prints somewhere, but how? I didn’t want the poster but the actual prints. I finally ordered last week – 48 prints for $12! – and waited, not so patiently. The photos came quickly, and the quality is amazing. They look like mini Polaroid prints, but they’re actually printed on thick photo paper with the white border.

I also bought some washi tape from Etsy because I didn’t want to affix the photos with anything too formal. I’m not quite finished with the wall, as I want to add a plain white/turquoise/hot pink (not sure which, yet) frame around the photos, but I love having some of my favorites on the wall. They’re so cheery!





See? I think it needs an oversized frame to ground it a bit, but I love coming in and seeing these. Since this room doubles as my office, I’m in here quite a bit.

I’m just so glad I have actual print copies of these now. Even though I have an instant camera, the film is pretty pricey, so I actually think I’m going to sell my camera now that I know I can print these so reasonably.

What do you think? I can actually see a whole wall full of these and think it would be awesome. You could also do picture frame trim to have a more uniform installation of them. Regardless, I’m a bit in love. 🙂

Happy Friday! Do you have any home and/or garden projects up your sleeve this weekend?

P.S. Prinstagram did not pay me or otherwise reimburse me for this post. I just enjoy sharing when I come across something so cool.