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Skyfall Official Teaser Trailer…Deconstructed

22nd May 2012

The first Skyfall (next installment of Daniel Craig’s James Bond) teaser trailer was released yesterday on www.007.com, and I immediately checked it out. Casino Royale was the promising start of Daniel Craig’s psychological James Bond, who, though good with the ladies, was not exactly the double-entendre-spouting Sean Connery Bond or the debonaire, light-hearted Pierce Brosnan of years past. Casino Royale was much truer to Fleming’s original novel, which I had a great time reading and discussing through Lit Housewife’s Shaken Not Stirred Challenge, and I was eager to see where the franchise would go. Unfortunately, Quantum of Solace was a dud. It boasted a half-hearted story line, an oil-slicked dead girl, and a nonsensical plot.

Since then, I’ve waited impatiently for the next film. Monday’s teaser trailer was…well, just a tease. As is typical with these trailers, you really have no sense of “story” – instead, you just get to see some action shots in no particular order. Make sure you check the teaser trailer out first, but I wanted to go through it for fun to see what we can expect come November.

The script:






[Lot of loud, staccato music but no Bond theme.]

“Some men are coming to kill us. We’re going to kill them first.”

Yeah, I really don’t like that weird word association business. I feel like I’m studying for the GRE. I almost thought it was a joke at first. But no. And then the classic Bond, calm and calculating in the last line. Now to the images:

Bond in London, a company man watching over his city much like a caped hero. Requisite tourist landmarks in full view. Union Jack flying high.

There we go. Good job, trailer-making people. You know what we want to see. Bond in profile. Strength and masculinity on display.

This guy doesn’t look all that dangerous. Oh, wait. He’s not real, it’s just target practice, but if this is Bond’s work I’m scared as the shots are far from the target.

Interrogation room. Stark, cold light. If this old dude is the villain, I think we’re ok. Interrogation room almost looks like a hospital, and thus I am creeped out because it feels like the beginnings of a horror flick. Moving on…

Ralph Fiennes is giving M a look. No, He Who Must Not Be Named! She wasn’t in HP; that was Maggie Smith. Leave her be!

Because don’t you stand like that in your dress clothes, hair whipping away from your face in an exotic locale? No? Just me. Alrighty then.

Get ’em, Bond. Is it me, or does that look like headquarters? Brandishing a gun there doesn’t seem smart, 007. M is going to be pissed…

Yikes. That’s a lot of Union Jack and a lot of coffins. Really great shot, particularly with the bright colors, and the flag lining up all the way down between the columns and one dark figure off center.

There’s the exotic locale of earlier. Swank, debonaire, tuxedoed Bond arriving with fanfare. Fireworks, Chinese lanterns and dragon. Chinese New Year, perhaps? Great, great shot, even if it is a bit cliche. Fits into the Bond trope well, though, exoticising Asia and its cultures.

She certainly doesn’t look dangerous. P.S. Her name is Eve. Watch out for the golden apple, James.

Back in Britain. Run, James, run. Heaven forbid you do that in a jogging suit on the sidewalk.




Isle of Skye. Ok, really I have no clue where this is, but isn’t it lovely? M and Bond, what are you up to?


This reminds me of the “floating head” portraits of the 80s. Then again, I love the light on Bond’s face. Casino Royale made great use of lighting, and shots like these emphasize the “thinking Bond” – as I like to call him.

More destruction. Not Bond. How do I know? DC doesn’t do shaggy. Ahh, this must be Javier. This could also be Edward Fairfax Rochester watching Thornfield burn..whoops, wrong film.

And there we have it, folks.

Wait! Not yet. We need some crazy graphics and a big gun and silencer before we go.

And an Angry Bug Volkswagen game. Slug bug, no returns!

Bond isn’t passive aggressive. This time it’s SkyJUMP.

There’s that chiseled jawline. It’s time to get down to business. Of course, I have no idea what that business is.


It’s interesting to watch these teaser trailers. I’d almost rather wait for an actual trailer to have a better idea if I’m looking at a Casino Royale or Quantum of Solace, but I guess I’ll have to wait a bit. Either way, I’ll see it. Even though QoS was, in my opinion, a really bad film, I still enjoy the interpretation more than any of the other films to date. There’s none of the spoofy, 60s schtick, which thus far, I haven’t seen in Fleming’s writing. If you’re at all interested in reading the novels, make sure you head over to the Shaken Not Stirred Challenge blog.

So what say you? Any insights? Thoughts? Ramblings?

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Audiobook Review: Moonraker by Ian Fleming

1st September 2011

*I bought this version of Moonraker from Audible.

 I blame my aching limbs and general fatigue on Moonraker. For our Shaken, Not Stirred challenge, I knew I needed to complete the audio before the end of August. So this weekend, I downloaded it and listened at the gym Saturday morning. Then I got home and wasn’t quite ready to stop listening, so I tucked my iPhone into my pocket and started doing housework. About five hours later (which includes 6 loads of laundry, two stripped beds, mopped floors, disassembly of two cabinets and paint scraping), I was finished with James Bond’s latest adventure. So what’s it about?

M has a rather awkward problem on his hands. The esteemed gambling club of which he is a member suspects the prestigious Sir Hugo Drax, a national hero, of cheating at cards. The man is at the height of his career, preparing a test launch of the rocket, Moonraker, and Bond wonders what makes a rich man cheat.

Then, a murder-suicide and a possible breach in security at the Moonraker’s launch site brings Bond up close and personal with the rocket, its oddly-bearded German caretakers, and Drax’s secretary Gala Brand, an undercover agent with Special Branch. The two work together through several near-fatal scrapes to discover who is out to sabotage the Moonraker and why.

Moonraker was absolutely hypnotic, as the state of my house can attest. Drax’s larger-than-life personality and the mysterious events at the Moonraker’s site were suspicious right off the bat. However, in post-World War II Britain, it is difficult to know who, exactly, is on the side of right, and though Bond’s job is to focus only on the Moonraker’s security, he cannot help but intuit the rotten egg in his midst. This is the Bond I love, full of gambling, secrecy, weapons, and great cars. Plus, the tension between James and Gala was enticing but not at all over the top.

I must again entreat you guys, if you like but don’t love the Bond films, give the books (and particularly the audio) a try. I cannot imagine a voice other than Simon Vance’s issuing Fleming’s timeless stories of war, deceit, terrorism, sexual tension, and danger.


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