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#fridayreads take me away: Harry Potter

15th July 2011

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The boy who lived, come to die…

Unlike almost any other character for me, Harry Potter certainly lived. Rowling made his world and his friends and his trials come to life in a magnificent way that has spoken to so many people – readers and non-readers.

Today, I will be consumed with all things Harry Potter as I plan to watch the first half of HP7 this afternoon before a 4:10 viewing of the last. Potter. film. ever. I’m much older than the characters in the series, but I am so grateful my mom (a 6th grade reading teacher at the time) made me pick up the first three books. And I’ll never forget how devastated I was to realize there were only three out at the time. Each time a new one was scheduled to come out, I waited in the lines – sometimes with friends; sometimes with Mom and Dad. We grabbed our copies, said goodbye, and tucked in at 1 or 2 a.m. to continue the story of the boy who lived and those who made sure he did.

Though I love each of the books for different reasons, the last stunned me. From the very first scenes, it reminded me of a Holocaust narrative – people hiding and running from an evil power determined to destroy them. Neighbors there one day and gone the next. The Dark Mark, though opposite, is still as oppressive as the signs many were made to wear, among them the Star of David and paper clips. So, for me, this book/film is an epic not only because it contains a battle but also because it tells a story of good and evil and of those caught somewhere in the middle. In the first half of the film it was painful to watch Draco caught up in a man’s game – so much more deadly than any he had encountered before. I ached for him, and I certainly didn’t want to.

I will miss the fun and mischief. I will miss Hogwarts. But more than anything, I will miss the Weasleys, Lupin, Snape, Hermione, Neville, Harry, Ron, Luna. Tomorrow will feel like a loss of sorts – and as I know you are fellow readers, I can say that without feeling batty.

So in honor of Harry Potter, Hermione Grange, and Ron Weasley and all the other beloved characters of the series as well as their creator, J.K. Rowling, today I will simply ask you to share your favorite Harry Potter moments from the films, the books, or the community built around HP – either in comments or in a separate blog post. (Don’t forget to link up below!)

And, of course, you can watch the trailer for the millionth time….

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