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Fridays at Home: Good Hair Day

5th October 2012

So I have no house and home-ish projects to share because, well, I haven’t done anything to house and home other than to try to catch up with my cleaning. This place has been a wreck, yo.

But I totally had a good hair day last night, and I bemoaned the fact on Twitter because there ain’t anywhere to go with good hair in this one-horse town on a Thursday night at 10 p.m. Well, at least not any place where I might meet an eligible picky boy. Then I realized – ahoy! – I have not shared my good hair arsenal. So today, you get good hair.

More often than not, my hair is piled on top of my head in some manner. It’s long – longer than it’s ever been my whole life. But I’m 31, and I figure I have few long-hair days left before I’m one of those women with straw-like gray hair running like acid rain down my back, so I’m enjoying it while I can. My hair is naturally wavy, not curly, but if I don’t fix it, it will be a big ole mess.

Why has it taken me 31 years to figure out how to fix my hair? I blame it on the lack of Pinterest. Pinterest has redefined my hair. Hell, I didn’t even know how to use bobby pins until Pinterest. [Seriously, go read how to use them. It will change your life, er, hair.]

My go-to methods these days?

#1 My Remington D1001 Spin Curl

This is not me. I do not smile while drying my hair.

Several years ago, I came across this bad boy in the last pages of a magazine – you know, the crappy pages with all the ads. It advertised a “wind tunnel” for your hair. I looked it up online, saw it had good reviews, and begged for it for Christmas. Santa (in the form of my sister) hunted it down, and lo and behold, it worked.

The wind tunnel is an attachment. After I blow dry my roots to give me some volume up top, I put this attachment on, separate my hair into four big sections, and suction each section into the tunnel. It whips it around and curls it. Once I’ve done that, I pick out some pieces on to of my head and give it the same treatment. Each section will stay tightly curled until you separate it, but I wait a bit before i do that. Once it’s dry, I spray it with hairspray. Awesomeness. Here’s a pic of me after using the Remington (and after I’ve slept on it):

Not the best pic ever, but you get the idea.

Basically, I love this thing.

#2 Amazing Pinterest find: No-heat headband curls

This is my other go-to. Why do I switch back and forth? I honestly don’t know, except that using heat on my hair too often freaks me out. I’m a no-fuss hair girl. I only own $1.86 thing of Suave kid’s detangler (smells like apples!) and Tresemme hairspray. I should probably fix this at some point, but I’m lazy. I also don’t dye my hair. I did when I was first in college, but that’s been…ages ago.

Tools: one bra-strap headband. [I have no clue what they’re actually called. That’s what they look like.]

This is the tutorial I used. Toward the end, she spends a lot of time styling her hair, but the tutorial itself is great. Skip forward if she talks too much.

These curls will seriously last for days. I have to be careful, though. I leave the band in overnight, and if I do it too early in the evening, I’ll have insane curls. I try to do it right before bed. I’ve done it on the weekends after getting out of the shower, and a couple hours later, it looks amazing. This is a blurry pic, but you get the idea:

Me – being narcissistic – and enjoying some good hair. Before Pinterest, it was rare.

So. Have you found any low-maintenance but fantastic hair styling tips on Pinterest? Or have you had any hair disasters?