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Getting Sassy by DC Brod

8th February 2012

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Robyn Guthrie moved to Fowler, Illinois as a compromise. Her mother’s dementia is getting worse, and the two tried living together and nearly killed one another, so Lizzie is in Dryden Homes, a really nice full-care center. The only problem is, at $5,000 a month, Dryden is expensive, and Robyn is just about out of money. Before she secured power of attorney for her mother, Lizzie invested with a con man who swindled her out of $50,000. Robyn hates the idea of moving Lizzie to a state facility, but is there an alternative?

Robyn is standing in line at the liquor store when she first thinks of stealing money as a viable option. That is, until she reaches the cash register and Marv, whom she sees once a week to buy her mother a bottle of Chablis. Ok, so maybe robbing the liquor store is out of the question.

When Robyn talks to her accountant, a former jockey who, rumor has it, has questionable associations, she doesn’t get money, but she does get a date, and it just so happens Mick knows the man who conned Lizzie – Bull Severn. And Bull Severn has a racehorse who is only calm when he shares a stable with Sassy, a goat. And the wheels begin to turn…

I read DC Brod’s second in this series, Getting Lucky, a couple of months ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. Getting Sassy is just as good and really fun. Robyn is in an impossible situation, trying to do what’s best for her mom while low on means with which to do so. Lizzie is a firecracker, so the moments when her dementia creeps in are poignant. For such a strong woman, these moments bring Lizzie to her knees. Though they don’t have the smoothest relationship, these two women love one another, and everything Robyn does is for her mom.

Then there’s Mick and Robyn. Robyn can’t understand what Mick sees in her, but there’s chemistry between them, and I liked seeing their relationship develop. Neither has had great luck with relationships; their marriages each lasted something like 24 and 36 months, but they have fun together and fall easily into one another’s company.

And Sassy. For a goat, Sassy is a pretty great character. Though the book is hardly slapstick, Sassy provided some comic relief and a whole lot of tension. Robyn isn’t a criminal, after all; she’s a writer, but you do what you have to do. Right?

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Getting Lucky by DC Brod

19th December 2011

*I received an egalley through NetGalley from Tyrus Books. Buy it here from Indiebound. Buy the first in the series, Getting Sassy, here.

Robyn Guthrie is 40-something, caring for her ailing but sharp-tongued mother and stumbling through the complexities of a relationship on the brink of ruin. Her one solace? Her dog Bix and her job. As a freelance reporter, Robyn has a fair amount of autonomy until Claire, a reporter at the Fowler News and Record, is killed by a hit-and-run driver. Robyn feels a kinship with Claire because Claire was a dog owner as well and was actually killed while out walking her pup. Everyone else thinks the accident was a random hit and run, but Robyn is curious… Claire was working on a story about a community of eco-built homes in Cedar Ridge, and Robyn retraces her steps to figure out just what was going on in the development.

The last time I browsed NetGalley, I saw this book and grabbed it up mostly because of the cover and description. I kept reading because DC Brod wrote an intelligent, odd little mystery with a sense of humor that is more than a run-of-the-mill whodunit. Instead, it’s a novel of relationships. Robyn’s mother wants them to buy a home together, while Robyn is trying to figure out whether her boyfriend is ok with her desire not to have children. Robyn knows what she wants, but voicing it isn’t always easy, even for such a strong-willed woman. The mystery is not an afterthought, however, and Robyn’s journalistic investigation reminded me how much fun books with good reporters in them can be. This is most definitely a series you want to keep an eye on.

Read this: if you aren’t a huge mystery lover but want to give one a try. For you mystery lovers: grab it. You won’t regret it.

P.S. Sorry for going MIA last week. I was out of town for work with no Internet connection. Plus, the end of the semester is always a bit harried, even without a trip out of town. Hope all is well in your worlds!