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New Social Media Buttons

10th March 2012

Just a quick post today because you may or may not have noticed that I got new social media buttons in the sidebar over there. For a while now, I have been really tired of my design and wanted a total rehaul of my site, but you guys, whoa, is it expensive! There are a lot of other things I need/should spend my money on right now, so I decided maybe I would just redo my social media buttons because I had a random collection of them and felt it looked disorganized. So I thought, Hey! Why not create some myself? You know, there are a lot of things I can do, but apparently, graphic design ain’t one of ’em. I knew exactly what look I wanted, but using the tools in the right way to do it? Not so much. Instead I spent hours and hours using different sites and looking up icons and ended up with nothing usable. So I did a little search and came across Natalie from Moxietonic. She’s really, really reasonable, and she’s super fast and easy to work with. I’d highly recommend her if you’re looking for social media buttons, a blog button, or a header.

Anyway, since Google Friend Connect is supposed to go away for non-Blogger blogs, I thought I’d give a short explanation as to what all those buttons over there do. I know not everyone will use them all; for example, I’m not an RSS reader and love Bloglovin’, but to each her own. Here’s the breakdown of those icons over yonder:

Top Left: GoodReads


Top Right: Twitter

Second Row Left:RSS

Second Row Right: Google +

Third Row Row Left: Pinterest


Third Row Right: Facebook


Bottom Left: Email


Bottom Right: Bloglovin’


So get busy and follow me! It’s a command! Ok, not at all, and I know this post is sort of narcissistic, but whatevs. It’s Friday. It’s raining and cold. I’ve graded essays all. damn. day. I’m needing some attention. 😉

Hope your weekend is fannnntastic!