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Fridays at Home: If you give a girl…

9th August 2013

If you give a girl a warped and cracking deck, she will eventually realize (or be told by a friend) that she needs help tearing it down.


If the girl admits she needs help and asks for it, several buff and selfless men* will jump to her aid.


If said men jump to her aid, the deck will come down quickly and with little difficulty. (And I promise the girl did work. There was a system. They used power tools; she carried the boards out.)



If the deck has been in place for years, it may just cover up some creepy crawlies – namely snakes and poison vines (seriously, it was like Sleeping Beauty under there).

If the girl were picky (which she is) and stubborn (which she also is), she may just insist the vine isn’t poisonous and that she can haul it all up to the street…in her arms. [Note: I am aware this isn’t a vine. The stupidity was not documented.]


All that to say, if a girl decides to rip down her deck, it may end up in a snake bite, two minor care visits and poison ivy, as well as rashes and blisters best hidden in long sleeves and pants in Texas. In August.


If you give a girl a warped and cracking deck…expect doom. 😉


*I’m so grateful for these guys, and though I’m uncomfortable, I’m also grateful these things happened to me and not them.