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Autumn is a second spring…

6th September 2011

…where every leaf is a flower. -Albert Camus

Yesterday was fantastic. I got out of bed early to let Maddie out, and my laundry room was cool. You see, my laundry room has no ventilation, so when it’s miserably hot outside, it’s miserably hot in there. But yesterday morning? Cool. So I thought it was just my incoherence from stumbling from the bed to the back door. Alas, when I opened the back door, it was still cool! In Texas, this is amazing. It has been so hot that a little cool weather goes a long, long way. So today I want to talk about some of the reasons I love fall so…

  • The smell of dried leaves. They smell like candy corn and chili and football games.
  • Walks in the afternoon with Maddie. Minus the sweating. She loves her walks so much, but it’s been much too hot to do much walking. She always seems to prance a bit more when it’s cool.
  • Walking outside at the gym. Minus the passing-out-because-it’s-so-hot bit. We have a great trail at the gym, and I enjoy being outside and exercising.
  • The Bayou City Art Festival in Houston on October 8 and 9. It’s a huge event with all sorts of great art and artisans. My aunt usually has her beautiful furniture out there.
  • The Texas Book Festival in Austin!!! I love this event and had such a great time last year and year before last, and I cannot wait for them to post the Fall 2011 Author Schedule. I’m trying to wait patiently.
  • Fall clothes. I love light scarves, gold jewelry, and my Italian leather jacket.
  • The making of soup. I can make one pot and live off it for a week.
  • Psych – the TV show. I don’t watch much TV, but I love Psych.
  • New books! There are lots of great books coming out this fall, and fall lends itself to curling up on a rainy afternoon and reading.

Even though it’s technically not here yet, I am pining away for fall. Anyone else ready?

P.S. I had to share my happy news. After being nominated for the BBAW (Book Blogger Appreciation Week) Best Literary Fiction blog award, the judges came up with a short list, and The Picky Girl was on it! I am so incredibly honored. Whoever nominated me, I can’t tell me how much joy this has brought me. A big thank you. Now it’s up to voters to pick their favorite blogs in many categories. Check them all out here and vote before September 10. Get ready for next week, which is all about books, bloggers, and blogging!