The Smonday train…

26th February 2018

My husband likes to joke that Sunday evenings, he knows I’m down about the eventuality of Monday because I emit continual sighs that sound like a train’s whistle. Thus, he has termed my sighs the Smonday train entering the station.

Last night, though, I was so happy with all that we accomplished that I really didn’t feel down at all. Here’s a glimpse into our weekend:


Friday, he picked me up from work (his car was having the windshield replaced) and we went to our local bar for an afternoon on the patio with nachos and cerveza because the weather was so nice. We talked about a few trips we’re planning and just enjoyed one another’s company.

Then we ran some errands and picked up a new tube of toothpaste from our local natural grocery store. (I know, exciting stuff.) We’ve been wanting to try the activated charcoal version of our favorite peppermint Earth Paste. We also walked the mall a bit just to get out and do something, as we spent most evenings last week working on the half bath.


Saturday, Caleb took care of the yard while I headed to Home Depot to locate and cut trim (so it would fit in the car) to finish out the half bath and await a friend who is going to help us install the toilet and sink. It was work, but we got floorboards, door stops and trim, and chair rail all installed, and I covered everything with an additional coat of paint to hide nails and dings from the hammer. I doubt I can post a reveal until at least next week, but I promise to have an alternative Fridays at Home post this week.

We even finished up early enough to meet up with friends for fajitas and a margarita or two!


Sunday was supposed to be stormy, so as Caleb went off to church, I faced the grocery store alone – never fun on Sundays. My sis is sick, so I wanted to bring her homemade vegetable soup. I’ve made this for years, but I wanted to see if I could improve it, so I combined Food & Wine’s Vegetable Noodle Soup and Genius Kitchen’s Old-Fashioned Vegetable Soup recipes. Delish. I also made these flourless chocolate chip cookies. Not super sweet, but very yummy.

I dropped soup and cookies off and got to snuggle my newest puppy nephew, Duck, for a few minutes before heading back home to finish folding laundry, while I continued re-watching Psych, one of my favorite shows.

After getting cleaned up, I tackled another box from my parents’ home. They stayed with us for six weeks after losing their home, and we’re storing some things for them. While we got most things cleaned and sterilized right away, my grandmother collected lab-created gemstones and jewelry findings, and that box has been sitting in my laundry room for ages, waiting for me to get to it. Funny how quickly you get used to something and forget you need to do something with it.

I felt like Indiana Jones as I opened up still-damp jewel packets and tipped them into hot, soapy water. Granted, most of the stones are so small they aren’t worth anything, but it was still fun. I definitely inherited her love of jewelry and think I might even have some of the stones set into stacking rings or something really delicate since the stones are so small. There are literally hundreds of stones, but I picked out about a dozen I might try to use. I spent the rest of my evening looking at possibilities to take to a local jeweler for inspiration.

from LilyEmmeJewelry’s Etsy shop

from NiringJewelryDesign’s Etsy shop


from MinimalVS Etsy shop

from MinimalVS Etsy shop

How’s that for some Sunday night fun? No wonder I didn’t have the Sunday blues.

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. Welcome to Monday.

  • Ti Reed

    My husband and I get excited about small trips to the store for little things too. That toothpaste. I must try it. This weekend, we went to this snazzy shopping venue with really expensive things. Not a place to take my 14 year old daughter but we did and then she was complaining about not being able to buy this $90 sweater from Madewell. You will not believe it though. After that and listening to her complain the entire way home, she found the same sweater at the thrift shop for $10. No lie.

    I do the train whistle sigh too 😉 Mine sound more like a dying steam engine.

    • Wow! The bargain hunter in me bows down. That’s awesome!

      And yes, Sunday nights are usually tough around these parts. And require ice cream. 🙂

  • That sounds like such a lovely weekend! I’m afraid mine for the past two months and going forward until May involve not being home at all and stressing about everything that is not getting done while I am gone. It makes that Sunday train whistle sound more like a train crash!

    • My best friend was just saying how busy spring is with kiddos. I hope you build in some down time!