Reading: Girl Waits With Gun by Amy Stewart

1st September 2015

girlwaitswithgun*I requested this book for review via NetGalley from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

A collision between the Kopp sisters’ wagon and a dangerous silk factory owner’s automobile sets in motion much more than these secluded, secretive sisters bargained for. Shocked and appalled by Mr. Kaufman’s failure to assist, apologize to, or compensate she and her sisters, Constance Kopp confronts the man in his place of business. His response is months upon months of threats, sinister letters, and damaged property.

Unwilling to move her troupe to her brother’s family’s house in town, Constance takes it upon herself to defend her family and their property, by any means necessary, accepting and learning to use a gun at the urging of the local sheriff and even involving the press, earning a headline in the papers: Girl Waits With Gun. Along the way, the sheriff comes to respect Constance for her determination and can-do spirit.

Based on a true story, Girl Waits With Gun is great fun, though the ever-present danger the Kopp sisters face gives the book an edge I hadn’t quite expected. I either hadn’t remembered or didn’t know the book was based on a true story, and learning that, along with the real v. embellished factoids at the end, was enjoyable.

My only real complaint is that the way Constance’s story ends (I won’t spoil it, even though if you read anything about this book you’ll likely find out), I was even more interested in her future endeavors, as well as those of Fleurette, a naive, effervescent young woman, and their sister Norma, whose tough demeanor and handling of carrier pigeons made me curious as to her own story.

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  • Ah. A disappointing ending, huh?

    • Not disappointing, really. And I think had I known it was based on a true story, I might have felt differently. But what an interesting woman!

  • This was such a fun book! I would love to read a follow-up about her adventures after the book ends.

    • Yes! Me too. I got to the end and was like: BUT WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?

  • I’m not sure that can really be called a complaint…

    • But it is! I want a sequel.

  • Oo I just love that cover. It’s super rare for me to read historical fiction set in America, but for that story and that cover I may make an exception.

  • This sounds like a good read. And I LOVE the cover!

  • I am looking forward to reading this one. I just need to make time for it. Now I’m curious about that ending.

  • Susan Crowford

    I’d like to read it, if only it’s not very messy and bloody. I like romantic stories. This one is based on real events, as far as I can see, so I guess I shouldn’t wait for anything romantic, should I?
    Susan – Page

  • Coffee & a BookChick

    You are always reading something that just sticks with me. I’ve not heard of this at all! What an interesting situation to be presented with – and it’s a true story! How cool is that.

  • Unruly Reader

    OK. It’s official. I’m reading this book!