Fridays at Home: West Elm Under $20

14th June 2013

I’m not big on catalogs. For the most part, they clog up the mailbox and require a trip to the recycling center. But each month when my West Elm catalog comes, I stash it away with my Real Simple and wait for a lazy afternoon by the pool. Even though West Elm is, for the most part, way out of my budget range, it still gives me crazy good ideas. Plus, when they have sales, I play “catch and release” online, adding items to my shopping cart only to usually close out the page, convincing myself I don’t really need that gorgeous throw.

But today! Today I got an email that they’re having a sale, and on top of that sale, if you use the promotion code JUNE15, you get an extra 15% off. So I’ll just share some of the great sale items that have popped out at me.


The favorite throw – depending on the color or stripe variation you want this throw is on sale for $19.99. I love having a throw on my reading sofas in case it’s chilly or I’m in need of a reading nap. πŸ™‚ Plus, they look nice and can cover all manner of sins, ahem, a stack of books or papers on a chair if company drops in.


I love this outdoor pillow for $19.99 in Sunburst/lemon curry. In fact, I really want it for the bed in my guest room/office. Pillows can be so expensive, but they can also make a great difference on a bed, chair, or sofa. One thing I’m super strict about is my bed. I make it every morning. In fact, I won’t get into bed at night if I haven’t first made my bed. Strange, I know, but part of that is the pillows. I love my decorative pillows and don’t feel the bed looks “finished” without them.


One of the things I’ve learned through many trips and the big purses I like to carry is that smaller bags to corral like items are essential. Depending on the size these Metallic Zipper Cases range from $5.99 to $7.99, and you can add a monogram for $7. These are extra great for moving lotions, sunscreens, etc. from a purse to a beach bag for an afternoon poolside. They make my organized self happy.


These Bright Shapes Melamine Plates in orange, fuschia, and yellow are only $2.99 and great for rounding up earrings, bobby pins, ponytail holders or whatever. I keep pretty bowls or plates on my nightstand, on the edge of my tub, in my favorite reading places. I find the places where I naturally remove those things and stick a bowl there. Makes it much easier to locate errant knick knacks. we2 we1

The Belize Stripe Hand Towel and Hammam Stripe Hand Towel are both $7.99 (you can add the monogram for an additional $7) and really lovely. These would be great in a kitchen or bathroom and would look nice sitting on an island or countertop. Though I use heavy duty, relatively inexpensive towels for heavy use in my kitchen (I don’t use paper towels for environmental reasons), I love having pretty hand towels as well. These are great!


This Owl String Holder is so cute for $9.99. Even if you’re not crafty, I think he’d be adorable on a collage wall. Plus, I love white ceramic animals.

The best part of all these? Free shipping! And don’t forget the JUNE15 code for an additional 15% off. Also, please know West Elm isn’t paying me. I’m sure they don’t even know who I am. I just love a good sale and thought I’d share!

So do you see anything you have to have, or will you just play catch and release? Hope you had fun window shopping. πŸ™‚

  • Ti Reed

    OMG… I am going to have to get that catalog now too. I get the Pottery Barn catalog and drool all over it, but their stuff, even when on sale is pricey. I always try to pick-up some Christmas items when they go on sale but what you highlighted here is great, too.

    • Oh, Pottery Barn, your prices make me hate you. But dang if you don’t have some comfy slipcovered furniture. They’ve had an oversized reading chair I’ve coveted for years.

  • Andi

    I love catching a West Elm sale. I have some of their plates (owls!) hanging in my kitchen that were a total steal.

    • Awesome! I love a good sale, but I really love a good West Elm sale.

  • Jennifer Hartling

    I’ve never even heard of this catalog! I think I’ve been missing out!

    • You HAVE been missing out!

  • Charlie

    That’s usually what I do too, look at the catalogue but ultimately just throw it out. It is good for inspiration though. I guessed it wouldn’t be international, or would be expensive to ship here, and I’m very surprised. It’s incredibly cheap even for an otherwise expensive shop.

    • That’s what I thought, too. Unfortunately, I have expensive taste. Fortunately, I try to DIY as much as I can.

  • I LOVE West Elm! I also play “Catch & Release,” though didn’t have a name other than “Fill my Cart.” I do it with tons of stores.

    Now I have to check out their sales. Thanks! (Er…my wallet doesn’t thank you, but I do!)

    • Haha! This is how I always feel when one of my favorite blogs (Effortless Style) does her Treat Yo Self posts. I want it all!

  • I play online catch-and-release all the time! I thought I was the only one who did that. That owl is sooo cute.

    • Nope. I love catch and release. Marshall’s is my go-to store for that specific activity. πŸ™‚

  • Um, this bowl and plate idea of yours might change my life. I’m a hopeless case. (Actually, I just tend to leave stuff everywhere…but there IS order within my disorder, I swear! lol)

    That plate (and the pillow!) is pretty.

    • I’m telling you. It has changed mine. I no longer have to dig in purses for bobby pins!

  • Kristi

    Oh, these are adorable! You have great taste. And I suspect you may have started me down a new path of consumerism. πŸ˜‰

    • Thanks, Kristi! I ended up buying the two dish towels, and I can’t wait to get them in.

  • That pillow is super cute!

    -Rebecca @ Love at First Book

  • Nishita

    Those are some nice purchases. I am big on decorative pillows too…though I have to curb my urge as my husband can’t stand them.

    • I actually don’t have many decorative pillows except on my bed. I wish I had more, but they can be so expensive! I only got the dish towels, but I’m still very excited about them.