Review: Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand

25th June 2013

pg1*This book was sent to me by the publisher Little, Brown in exchange for an honest review. I originally blurbed this book for Bloggers Recommend.

Jenna Carmichael’s wedding will be perfect. Her mother, Beth, has made sure of it. Knowing she was dying, Beth left the Notebook, suggestions for each aspect of Jenna’s big day. “…song lyrics often make good readings. Try the Beatles. No one has ever gone wrong with the Beatles.”

Taking Beth’s suggestions as unquestionable and gospel, Jenna and her older sister Margot, different as can be, do everything they can to stick to their mother’s wishes, but even with or perhaps because of her input, each family member still keenly feels the loss.

The Carmichaels and the Grahams, the groom’s family, are loving, but as in any family, tension and long-held resentments surface. Brothers and sisters rail against their traditional positions. The father of the bride desperately misses his former wife and questions his current marriage. The sister of the bride wonders where she stands with the man she’s secretly been dating. The groom’s mother and father – married twice – navigate an old rift, namely the woman with whom he cheated and had a child.

As everyone tries to come together, the Notebook and the carefully laid plans are threatened, leaving everyone to realize that in holding tight to the past, good or bad, they may be threatening their own futures.

A perfect summer read, add Beautiful Day by Elin Hilderbrand to your Goodreads shelf.

  • I got this book in the mail, too, (unsolicited) but I decided to skip it since it seems a little too girlie for me. Little, Brown, and Co did send me some other books that I do want to read, so I’ll stick with reading those!

    • I liked it because it wasn’t really girlie. It was much more about family dynamics than anything else.

      • Ooooh good to know. Then maybe I’ll pick it up at some point. Thanks!

  • I was really hoping to get to this one before its pub date, but I didn’t make it. Hopefully I’ll be reading/reviewing within the next couple weeks.

    • Initially thought it might be a bit…forced because of the premise, but I enjoyed it.

  • Coffee & a BookChick

    This one does sound like a nice way to spend a summer weekend.

    • Yes indeed. It’s not romance, and though the premise sounded a bit odd, I ended up really enjoying it.

  • Sounds soapy.