Review: Highland Fling by Amanda Scott

3rd April 2013

pg1*This book was sent to me by the publisher Open Road Media , in exchange for an honest review.

In 1750 Scotland, the MacDrumin clan fights in the wake of the Jacobite rebellion to remain together, profitable, and safe. The Highlanders are fighting for a way of life. When Maggie MacDrumin travels to London to deliver illicit messages to others who believe in her cause, a literal wrong turn down a London street lands her in court, accused of theft. Knowing only one name, the name of the English earl who has absconded the clan’s lands, she speaks his name – the Earl of Rothwell, Edward Carsley.

Though she saves her own neck, invoking the name of Rothwell brings about circumstances Maggie doesn’t foresee. Determined to bring Jacobites to justice, Edward demands she remain in his house until he can return her to Scotland, but Edward hasn’t encountered a Scotswoman before. Bold and determined to better the lives of her people, Maggie MacDrumin is a force to be reckoned with. As each learns the other isn’t simply a cause or a stereotype, their attraction to one another turns to love.

I think I’ve found the style of romance for me: strong female lead whose existence isn’t wrapped up in love and marriage; good female friendships; love that grows and encounters realistic, valid problems. At her core, Maggie isn’t going to change. She has seen the injustice of the English. Even after she realizes Rothwell isn’t a typical Englishman, she still distrusts his nature. Edward, on the other hand, expects obedience from Maggie, thinking he knows what is best and right regardless of circumstance. It isn’t until each sees the folly in his or her own way that the two are able to truly love one another, attraction or no.

Highland Fling by Amanda Scott is book one in this trilogy, and it’s full of good Scottish brogue, fierce Highland females, and plenty of intrigue. I’ll be hunting down the other books in this series the next time I’d like a little romance.

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  • Belle Wong

    I don’t read much romance, or historical fiction, either, but I’m thinking I might like to give HIGHLAND FLING a try now. I think the reason I don’t read much romance is because I only really like the style of romance you describe, and just haven’t had much luck finding them.

    • It’s definitely difficult and why I don’t read romance often. Too often, I get twitchy reading about the ridiculousness of some of the barriers.

  • heidenkind

    Look at you, reading romance novels. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Knew you’d be proud.

  • Charlie

    I was offered this, too, but wasn’t sure about it. Mistake. What you’ve talked about here, the heroine and the progression of the relationship sorts just my sort of thing. I like your honesty here, it’s put the book in a really good light.

    • Thanks, Charlie! I wasn’t sure about it when I got the email either, but I’ve gotten relatively good at “reading” a book and its synopsis and deciding whether it will totally tick me off or not. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • I’m not a fan of romance at all, but I can do a love story if it’s not the center focal point of the story, and if the female character is strong, like it sounds like she is.

    • I’m not usually either, but I will read one every now and again. I prefer a really good chick lit, but I enjoyed Highland Fling. My bff who loves romance called me and was like: I’m so proud! You read a romance and LIKED it! ๐Ÿ™‚