To Twitter/Tweet or Not…

10th April 2010

I notice that many of the bloggers out there are using Twitter (Dolce Belleza, Hey Lady, Savidge Reads, Booklady’s Blog).

If you use it, why do you twitter/tweet? Can you explain it a bit to a total newbie? I didn’t even realize I had an account until I got a couple emails saying I had “followers”? I logged on with the username in the email and my typical password, and sure enough, looks like at some point, I signed up.

So… I guess what I am saying is: Help! Let me in to this apparently wonderful world. Explain. Offer advice. Any and all help is appreciated.

  • Marlene

    Ummmmm. I’m not sayin’, just sayin’….but you seem already to be overwhelmed with texts and emails on that iphone already….seems to me, that this would potentially become more stress….????

  • I was super resistant to Twitter, too. Didn’t understand why people would want to put what they’re having for lunch on the Internet. I also signed up and forgot about it until I got notice I had followers.

    Now I’m glad I finally gave it a try. I don’t put anything super personal on there, just funny tidbits about my day (I live in L.A. and encounter a LOT of weird stuff) and links to my posts. It’s brought me a lot of readers.

    My favorite thing, though, is that I’ve “met” many cool people/bloggers/authors this way. Example: I’ll tweet about a favorite author. That author does a search for his/her name on Twitter, comes across my tweet, tweets a reply and follows me. Ta-da! Instant connection to my favorite author.

    I don’t tweet every day or that many times a day; it depends on if I have anything interesting to say or reply to someone. (Sometimes fun discussions pop up on there.) It CAN suck a lot of time from your day so if you do it, give yourself a finite window to tweet then get off.

    • Thanks for the tips! There’s so much out there, it’s difficult to know where to start.

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  • I love Twitter. I was very hesitant to join at first, but I love it because of the conversations and potential conversations about books and life going on all the time. It’s easier to follow more people on Twitter than to follow more blogs in Google Reader, too. I’m @WordLily

    • Thanks, lady. If I take the plunge, I’ll certainly add you.

      And, sadly enough, I don’t even know what Google Reader is…

      • Seriously?!?!??? You need Google Reader if you’re following more than a couple blogs. Do you not use any feed reader? It’s a place to subscribe to (and read) RSS feeds (i.e., blogs). It lets you know when there’s new content, so you don’t have to keep checking for new posts. And Google’s Reader is the best one.

        • I don’t have a clue – seriously. I’ll Have to look into it.

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          • If you have Gmail, it’s one of the tabs in the upper left corner. Easy peasy. Reader is more vital than twitter. You don’t NEED twitter, it’s just fun. Reader: essential.

          • Ahhh. Thank you. Apparently, I’m clueless.

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  • I guess I’m clueless too, and was reading the comments to get a clue… to tweet or not to tweet?
    (nice blog)

    • Yeah, I really felt silly trying to figure it all out. I still am pretty clueless, but hey, if my 86-year-old grandmother can do Facebook, I think I can get the hang of all of this!

      Thanks for commenting!

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