NYE Readathon: Update the First

31st December 2012

Grab this for your own #nyereadathon post!

Grab this for your own #nyereadathon post!

*Yawn* Excuse me, but I am a lazy bones this morning. Bryan from Still Unfinished started reading at midnight his time last night, and I decided I’d join him. Why not? I stayed up until 2 a.m., which was nice until I tried to wake up this morning. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But awake I am and ready to get started!

First of all, Happy New Year’s Eve! I’ve always loved the idea of the old year coming to a close and a brand spanking new one opening up in front of us. I was going to post my schedule, but I’m feeling loosey goosey, so no schedule…yet.

A little Q&A, if you will (again, only post if you’re willing/able/not reading a pageturner):

1. What are you reading today?

2. Are you a comfy reader, or do you get dressed, wear shoes and socks, and sit in a straight back chair?

3. Food. What will you be eating/imbibing today?

4. Have you finished a book yet?

5. What book do you want to be reading to close out 2012?

Here are my answers:

1. I’m reading a hodge podge of books. I have a stack and may switch back and forth like Ronnica does. I’ve got a little mystery, a little lit fic, and even a romance. (!)

2. I am most definitely a comfy reader. I’ve got on leggings and an oversized sweater (the closest thing to pajamas I can get away with without feeling like a bum), and I’ll be reading from my dining room/library sofa because I still have my Christmas tree up and can gaze at my bookshelves if I need a distraction.

3. Sugar cookies and champagne! Not necessarily in that order. I did realize after baking the sugar cookies that I need a salty alternative, and since this is the last day of my bad eating, I think I’ll make some homemade salsa and chips as well. A balanced diet, and all that…

4. I have! I cheated a bit and started off with a book I was halfway through, The Death of Bees by Lisa O’Donnell. I finished it at about 1-something and started another book, a Miss Silver mystery called Ladies’ Bane.

5. I haven’t decided yet! Last year, I ended 2011 and began 2012 reading The Imperfectionists by Tom Rachmann, and it was one of my favorites from the year. That’s a lot of pressure. Knowing me, I’ll forget about that somewhere around the 8th sugar cookie, though.

Happy readathon! And happy reading.

  • Julie Merilatt.

    Thank you for providing a distraction from a very uneventful day at the office!

  • Last day of bad eating…don’t we tease ourselves that we’ll be good in the new year!

  • Yvette

    That salsa and chips sounds really good even this early in the day. Well, early for me, anyway. I meant to be part of the New Years Reading Festivities but got sidetracked. But I’ll be checking in today to see what you all are doing. Once I discovered that THE WEST WING is being streamed on Netflix, I was sunk. Stayed up until 1:30 a.m. last night watching and that’s how I plan to spend this last day of 2012. Plus the books came in at my library too late for me to pick them up in time. Yeah, I know, I know, I could read one of the zillion books that live in my house. But WEST WING calls out to me and I must respond. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Have a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR, Jenn!

  • How’s The Death of Bees? Today is my last day of bad eating too. Tomorrow I’ll be on the Game-On Diet.