Hello, Gorgeous

3rd December 2012

I’ve missed you! And by you, I mean YOU (and the blog in general).

The short of it:

  • two weeks of being sick
  • estate sale prepping
  • judging a book contest
  • grading/class prep

The long of it:

First, I got sick for a couple of weeks. What started out as a sinus infection turned into bronchitis with a touch of pneumonia. Thanksgiving was a napfest, and I only got up to eat a wonderful meal with my mom and dad (sis was with her boyfriend’s family) before going back to sleep.ร‚ย  Plus, we’ve been getting ready for my grandmother’s estate sale. We need to sell the house, but we cannot do that until everything is out. Because she had downsized about ten years ago, a lot of the furniture is gone, so we didn’t want to pay a company to do it because it’s pretty pricey, and we’ve got some hefty medical bills to take care of. So each weekend, my mom, sis, and I (and various other friends/family) have worked nine and ten-hour days sorting, tossing, organizing, and pricing. Imagine sis and I picking up various glassware/jewelry/kitchenware, saying “How much?” and shrugging our shoulders. A lot. The sale is this weekend, and it’s been all consuming.

Plus, I come home, and my house is a wreck, so I don’t feel like I can sit down and take time away from my own laundry, dishes, not to mention grading and class prep, which has been out of control this semester from a combination of teaching American Lit after a hiatus of about a year as well as revamping my ESL courses.

In other words, I’ve been overwhelmed. I’ve read here and there, but it’s been light fare. Plus, I’m judging a super secret book contest, and I have quite a lot to read for that by the end of the month.

None of this is bad (ok, except for the being sick), but it has meant I’ve been completely out of the loop. If I’ve done any blog reading, I haven’t commented, simply because it seemed like it would take too much energy. I haven’t even really been on Twitter.

But I feel the satisfaction of working really hard on something meaningful. It has also been neat to come across aspects of my grandparents lives that I never knew, for example, the postcard from their honeymoon they mailed to themselves:

And, of course, Maddie has come along and been increasingly bored. But boy does she like a soft place to land. Here she is, tucked up in an old hat box full of hats, gloves, and bags I plan to take to a vintage store:

And I promised sofa photos. The sofa made it to my house last weekend, actually, but I needed help moving my current bedroom sofa into the dining/reading room and getting this one in here. I’m so pleased. I didn’t even have to rearrange the collection on the wall. And I’m a bit in love…

So what have you been up to? I’m all ears. And I’ll be back either later today or early tomorrow with a giveaway and an exciting prospect for the new year…


  • Definitely a lot going on! I hope you feel better ๐Ÿ™ It must be amazing to get a glimpse into your grandparents’ lives and that postcard is absolutely adorable. What a great thought, I wish my husband and I had thought of something like that on our honeymoon.

    The sofa looks incredible! It looks like it was always meant to be there.

    Thinking of you, Jenn, and your family during this holiday season.

    • Thanks so much, Natalie! And I do feel much better. Just a lingering cough.

      And yes, though it’s been a lot of work, coming across some of this stuff is just amazing. That postcard just makes me smile every time I look at it. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Happy holidays to you and yours, too!

  • Jim Kane

    Welcome back and glad to know you are well! I could so relate to the sinus, bronchitis issues.

  • So glad you’re feeling better. That postcard from your grandparents’ honeymoon is so sweet! And the new sofa is gorgeous.

  • heidenkind

    You have been really swamped. Hang in there! The sofa looks perfect in that spot.

  • Charlie

    I noticed your absence when I got back on Twitter properly, that was quite a while to be sick – glad you’re better ๐Ÿ™‚ The postcard says a lot, you can feel the love in it, what a wonderful find. And the sofa, it’s lovely anyway, but where you’ve put it the space looks old fashioned in a great way with the different frames and all.

  • I am not so gorgeous first thing in the morning, but thanks! Hello to you, too, gorgeous! Haha!

    I’m so sorry you were sick. Are you feeling better now?

    The couch looks SO GOOD in your house. I love it.

  • That sofa makes me feel happy..I just love it! Oh and the postcard? :*) That is all sorts of fantastic!

    Sorry you were ill, yucko ๐Ÿ™ I hope you’re 100% now!

  • Ugh — what a few weeks you’ve had! I hope you’re feeling better. Estate stuff is rough — but your finds are amazing. That postcard is adorable and your sofa, oh, so marvelous. I covet.

  • The sofa looks even better in your house.

    So sorry you were sick. I got sick too and Thanksgiving was a blur because of it. I was really mad about it too because I took that week off from work and I was sleeping for most of it.

    I am slowly catching up with reviews. I read plenty, but I too had a sinus infection and the thought of sitting down to write anything with that pain in my head, was just too much. I skipped it all together and just read. Now I am paying for it since my notes on the books I read are really hard to decipher.

  • A bit in love with that sofa? I’d say a lot in love! It’s gorgeous. I’m sure this must be so bittersweet–to go through your grandmother’s stuff and say goodbye but also hello. The postcard is an absolute gem. And it’s also why I never throw anything away.

    Glad you’re feeling better. I’ve heard that this season will be terrible for illness, especially the flu. Elle was sick last week with an ear infection so that was fun (or not), but all is well again. Just counting down the days until Christmas–I’m stunned that we’re already a week into December!

    • Well, I didn’t want to brag… ๐Ÿ˜‰

      So sorry Elle was sick, too. It’s no fun, that’s for sure.

  • Oh wow, that sofa and the room in general are amazing!

    Glad you are feeling better!

    • Thanks, Meg! I do feel tons better.

  • Go you! You’ve been a powerhouse even though you’ve been sick! I’ve been fighting the crud for a couple of weeks now, and it is miserable. Hope you’re ship-shape and good luck with the upcoming sale. The sofa is luscious.

    • Thanks! You’re such a great cheerleader, even when sick. Feel better soon!