Happy 4th of July! (Or, if you’re not American, happy Wednesday!)

4th July 2012

It’s Independence Day! I love this holiday so much, and last year I talked about why. I also love it because my family has done the same thing for the 4th every year since I was small: We go to my “aunt” and “uncle’s” house. I use quotes here because they’re really family friends, but I count them as family. We make a great spread, eat, and then lay in the pool and visit and listen to 70s music. It’s great fun, and my sis and two “cousins” and I don’t have kids, so for the day, we get to be the kids, and it’s awesome. I’m particularly excited about what I’m bringing food-wise this year.

My dad is diabetic, as is my aunt, and I recently asked my dad what his favorite dessert is, and he told me coconut cream pie. I’ve been trying to find a good recipe and think I found one from The Food Network. But I substituted coconut milk for half and half, used a sugar-free crust, and used a small amount of agave instead of sugar. I tasted the filling, and oh my, it’s tasty. I topped it with sugar-free whipped cream and toasted coconut.


I also found this alcoholic drink recipe and decided to try it. It’s an alcoholic lemonade with frozen lemonade concentrate, lime juice, coconut rum, and ice. I’ll be adding some ginger ale once I’ve blended the mix. I’ll get back to you on how it is. I found this recipe on Pinterest via Myrecipes.com.

Looks like summer.

Whatever you’re doing today, have a great time! Be safe and enjoy.

  • OMG. Those drinks look divine.

    • Took some tweaking, but they were yummy. Almost like a sno cone (we used pink lemonade).

  • Hope you had a good day, your plans sound relaxing and not too scheduled which is always best. The drink looks and sounds great. I’m not a big fan of rum but when there are enough other ingredients it takes the edge off it.

    • Charlie, it was a fantastic day! I thoroughly enjoyed it. And yes, rum isn’t my favorite either, but you honestly didn’t taste a whole lot of it because of the tartness of the lemonade. Pretty good stuff.

  • Andi

    OH to the yum! That coconut pie looks super awesome. Glad you had a great 4th!

    • It was delicious! And the diabetics there seemed to pretty darn pleased with it, too. (I’ve got leftovers waiting in the fridge after I finish lesson planning this afternoon.) Hope you had a great day, too!

  • Ti

    The pie and drink sound super yummy! I have Celiac so I can tell you that it’s always especially nice when someone goes out of their way to accommodate a special dietary need. I’m sure your dad will appreciate the effort.

    • Mmm. They were. And yeah, I know how rough it would be for me to have such a restricted diet, so I try to come up with good-tasting desserts that he can still have.

  • Tami

    Oh my! Both recipes look wonderful. So jealous of your day with family and friends. Sounds like great fun. We are too far from family to get together for just one day, so we didn’t have a celebration this year. Really missed it! Happy 4th.

    • So sorry to hear that! I was actually thinking yesterday how much I would miss it if I moved, or if it ever changed. Right now, none of the “cousins” have kids, and it’s nice like that. That will inevitably change, but yesterday was sort of crystallized for me. So many years of this get together. We definitely missed my brother (who lives in New York), but we’ve been without him at that party for six years now, so we’re used to it. I hope next year you can have a better Independence Day.

  • Sherrie

    It was a great day! And your drink was deeeelicious!