An Unsuitable Day for a Murder by Catriona McPherson

19th April 2012

*Kat Bozowski at Thomas Dunne Books kindly sent this to me after I loved the last one so much. Thanks, Kat!

Star-crossed lovers. Mirren Aitken and Dugald Hepburn are destined to be opponents, but they love one another. Their families are adamantly against the match because the two families are business competitors – each owns a department store across the street from the other.

When Mirren goes missing, Mrs. Ninian Aitken, businesswoman and matriarch of the family, sends for Dandy Gilver. Dandy senses there is something more going on between these two families, and her suspicions are confirmed when Mirren is found shot in the head. Is it suicide? Murder? But another death confirms to Dandy that something is rotten, especially after both families tell her in no uncertain terms that the investigation is over.

Along with Alec and Bunty, her aging Dalmatian, Dandy uncovers family secret after family secret and wonders if these two young people will receive any sort of justice.

This particular installment of Dandy Gilver’s adventures was as fun as ever; however, with so many Aitkens who are often called, alternatively, Mary Aitken or Mrs. Ninian Aitken, Bella or Mrs. John Aitken, and Abigail or Mrs. Jack Aitken, I was very often confused as to whom was being discussed. Plus, when some of the family secrets come out, the confusion only got worse. As a frequent reader of mysteries, I pride myself in following along and even determining part of the mystery myself. Though I must say Dandy was just as confused as I was, it was still too much at times. In fact, I passed this one on to my mom, and she texted me several times: Who is this character? What happened? I giggled because I totally did the same thing. There is a family tree in the front of the book; however, I don’t like having to flip back and forth so often.

In the end, Catriona McPherson’s An Unsuitable Day for a Murder is a fast, fun read, and though the path to resolution is a bit circuitous, it’s also very well thought out.

For the record, I only mildly liked After the Armistice Ball, but I loved Dandy Gilver and the Proper Treatment of Bloodstains and The Burry Man’s Day.

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