Fridays at Home: Map It Out

17th February 2012

The first time I flew anywhere, I was 23 years old and going to Italy. Alone. My mother was incredibly nervous but also brave because I had such little exposure to the world. The day my flight was to leave, the weather was horrible, and the flight was delayed many times. When it was finally time to board, it was really hard for me to step over that 2-inch gap between the airport and the plane. I found my seat, and a sweet little woman told me how many times she’d flown and how safe it was. As soon as the plane prepared for takeoff, she made the sign of the cross rapidly about four times. Though I am sure I have forgotten many of the details of that trip, parts of it are as fresh as if I had gone yesterday, and it’s a period in my life that I will always, always cherish.

So today I’m romanticizing a bit, dreaming of far-off lands, airports, Italian men, coast, and foreign languages. One of my Pinterest boards is dedicated to maps and globes because if I could, I’d fill my home with both. Maps and globes make me feel like that young girl – adventurous, nervous, anticipatory, thrilled, and free.This first room is what I’d like to call “The Jennifer Room.” It’s so me. The mixture of different elements and textures seems incredibly comfortable but also ready for company. [Click on any of the links for the source sites.]

I cannot find a source for this image though. I found it on Facebook, and the map on the wall and that globe next to the chair instantly called my name. Can I please ask you to stare at that globe on the floor? Thank you. Because if you ever see it, please buy it, and I will pay you back. We’ll work out a payment plan or something. Though I’m not a fan of the white chair on the left, I could live in this room and this room only – just add my bookshelves.

This map is from Urban Outfitters, and though I’m not in love with the colors, I love the idea. Each gold region is scratch off, so you can record places you’ve been.

These are cabinet knobs from Etsy, and I assure you, if I had the extra dough lying around, these would be spiffying up a piece of furniture as we speak. They’d also make great hooks on a piece of wood for by the front or back door. Marvellous.

Better Homes & Gardens featured this on a DIY for bargain decor. I love it. And speaking of cutting globes in half, there are these great lights…

These look like they came straight from a 60s or 70s school room, and they’re pretty simple to make. All you need is a light kit and one globe.

There’s also this fabulous chandelier made from bits of maps from Etsy. The colors are just gorgeous, and I can imagine it lit up and glowing.

A British retailer sells these lampshades made from a map. It manages to look classic and modern at the same time, and since I’m not an interior decorator, I have no idea what you call that, but I can tell you I’m considering doing this for a lamp in my dining room/reading room.

I cannot find the image source for this, but what a great way to turn a plain chair into something special. A bit of modge podge is all this would take.

From Elle Decor, this last image shows how a little bit of obsession can really pay off with a collection. Instead of dissipating the collection and spreading it around, the shelf full of globes and the map in the background are really strong anchors for the room.

Though my own space isn’t nearly what these are, I have managed to incorporate a globe and a couple maps into my house, and I’d love to deck it out even more. I’ll let you know when I need map and globe addicts anonymous…. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you all have a fantastic Friday, hopefully at home. Does anyone have any fantastic weekend plans?


  • Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant one of each, please. I love it all!

    • Me too! So glad I could give you some eye candy.

  • Amy

    NOOO!!! I had my new living room/dining room theme all set and now you have me questioning it a month out! I love maps!

    • Oh no! Well maybe you can incorporate it somehow. Hope you’ll share photos when you’re finished!

      • Actually, beyond moss green paint of some shade (have to deal with green counters in the kitchen), I have been planning the room around my framed posters of Master and Margarita original English cover and the classic To Kill a Mockingbird cover… maybe if I put a framed map of the world over the fireplace…?

  • Ti

    I love everything you shared here. Especially those knobs!

    • Thanks, and yes, those knobs are really amazing. I love what people are doing with hardware and stuff.

  • I am obsessed with maps! OB-SESSED. I have spent hours poring over an atlas. I have a map in my bedroom closet that I often use to test myself on country capitals. I am a total geek.

    • Ha! I think we’re all a bit geek-ish around these parts. ๐Ÿ™‚ And I’m glad someone else shares my obsession.

  • Yvette

    Love, Love, LOVE these ! I too am a globe and map fiend. I have a few vintage globes on top of the living room bookcase. (I’ll have to take a pix.) And whenever I see a map or another globe, my heart goes pitty-pat. I’m thinking I need to add another globe to my collection. But where would I put it? I collect so many different things, I’m running out of space.

    I’m going to pin some of the pix in your post, Picky. They’ll link back to you.

    • Ooh, I’d love to see your collection. And my heart does indeed go pitty pat when I see a great map or globe. It’s really interesting to me to see all the great ways people are using them in decor.
      And thanks! I’ve linked to the original images where I can.

  • jenn o.

    Those knobs are awesome. Just started following you on pinterest, btw!

    • Yea! Next time I’m on I’ll follow back. It’s such a great tool!

  • Caron White

    How fun! Love the knobs – thinking about a way to use nautical charts the same way.

    • Oh definitely. Maps and charts of any kind just beguile me. Was in an antique shop this weekend and saw three globes. I wanted all of them!