My Bookish Valentine

15th February 2012

Happy Valentine’s night! I’m not normally the biggest fan of this day, but today I got a sweet valentine from a student and then came home to this beautiful bookish valentine from my friend Ashlynn Ivy. Inspired by Cassandra’s (IndieReader) post about book crafts, she did some work of her own, and this is one of the results. It was incredibly exciting to see this bright red card peeking out of my mailbox. I love it and plan to frame it for my bookshelves. She also let me borrow The Family Fang, which I’ve wanted to read for a while.

Then this evening, I ran to Dunkin’ Donuts to grab a soda (no lecture. I’ve given them up, but they tempt me from time to time), and when I pulled up to the drive-through window, the girl told me the guy in front of me paid for my soda and said to wish me a happy Valentine’s Day. It was such a kind gesture, and it made my night.

About 20 minutes later, I was tucked in with dinner and a move and got a text from my dad: Come outside. On the porch, he left me a card and a box of chocolates. What a special, special daddy. 🙂

For a day I’ve proclaimed to dislike, this Valentine’s Day showed me a heck of a lot of love and kindness. I hope yours was equally as good!

jenn xoxo


  • Marleneravey

    You are a lucky girl, to have such a daddy that spoils his girl! Glad it was a pleasant change from typical valentines day!

    • It definitely was. Great day all around.

  • All of this is awesome. I’m glad you had such a nice Valentine’s Day!

    • Thanks! Hope you did too.

  • Anonymous

    Family Fang reading for Valentine’s Day? Sounds awesome to me! And hurrah for (literal) sugar daddies! I’m not normally a big VD person either, but if it encourages others to be generous and kind that is awesome.

    • I agree 100%!

  • Anonymous

    Awwww, what a sweet Valentine’s Day! That’s why I love this holiday. <3

    • I never really have, but it was really a sweet day.