I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

14th February 2012

*I received an egalley of this book from The Dial Press through NetGalley.

Happy Valentine’s Day! Looking for a bit of romance today? I’ve got your number. No, really. The book I’ve Got Your Number is perfect for today, whether this is your first Sophie Kinsella or not.

Poppy is in big trouble: she lost her engagement ring, the engagement ring that has been in her fiance’s family for about a generation. How? Well, you know. When your girlfriends want to try on your ring and everyone passes it around the table and suddenly the fire alarm goes off, things get crazy. Especially when your cell phone is swiped as you’re trying to get help and you’ve given that number to everyone in case they find the ring. Poppy spies a phone in the trash bin, and hey – finders keepers. The only problem is the phone belonged to Sam Roxton’s assistant before she ditched him in the middle of a business transaction, and Sam needs help urgently. In exchange for hanging on to the phone until she can find the engagement ring, Poppy agrees to help Sam out, forwarding texts, voicemails, and emails to Sam. So what if she reads some of these emails and texts and thinks she can help Sam out? Sam is curt, and he doesn’t always respond to emails. Poppy thinks that an email or text here and there won’t hurt….right?

Sophie Kinsella writes such fun books, and this one is no exception in that the more Poppy interferes with Sam’s business, the more I cringed and wanted to peek between my eyes…in a fun way. I also love that Sophie Kinsella doesn’t try to insult my intelligence like some writers of chick lit. Very often, writers of chick lit make the guy the girl is dating the totally wrong guy, so that when Mr. Right comes along, it’s so clear and obvious that she should be with him. No, in I’ve Got Your Number, Poppy’s fiance Magnus is a great guy, an academic who loves her and is thoughtful and kind. They are clearly attracted to one another and in love. Is he perfect? Of course not. No one is, but I liked that (until the end) the fiance is a good guy. I’m not sure if I buy the there’s-only-one-person-out-there-for-each-of-us business, and this book is a perfect example of how you can be attracted to more than one person and have to figure out the messy stuff. Poppy has to make some tough decisions, even with all the silliness.

And Sam. I liked him immediately. He’s intelligent and business savvy. He’s loyal to the man who began the business for which he works. He’s attractive and flirty. He’s kind of the antithesis of any rom-com movie you see, which is great because those shows often drive me crazy. Sam Roxton doesn’t fall all over Poppy, but he grows to enjoy her company and her lighter side.

So whether or not you have a hot date tonight or your hot date is a book and a glass of champers, consider making this your V-Day companion. Cheers!

Buy your copy now from Indiebound or download it for your Nook.

  • Andi

    I haven’t read any of Kinsella’s books, but I could use a store of authory goodness when I need a really fun book. This one looks like a goodie!

    • It really is. I’ve tried other chick lit authors, and they just don’t really work for me. She’s great!

  • I can’t wait to read this! I love Sophie Kinsella’s books, and I enjoy how much I can identify (a little) with her heroines.

    • I know. They’re so fun and funny, and yes, I usually relate (at least somewhat) with her silly heroines. 🙂

  • I just finished it … a fun read!

    • It really was!