Midnight Reading

2nd November 2011

My thought process this week: (1) must. finish. grading. papers. (2) stop eating just to eat. (3) I must be getting old. I do NOT want to wear heels today. (4) Really? 60 degrees in the morning and 85 by the afternoon? Sweater is a must. (5) Sleeeeep. (6) I wish I could read. (7) I love my students! (8) grading. grr.

If you couldn’t tell, things are a bit busy around these parts, as I’m sure they are in yours. Therefore, the only reading is happening when I crawl in bed past midnight when my eyes are already closing. So although October was a really productive reading month, I am really ready for things to slow down a bit.

I have read some really great great books this month, and I cannot wait to have some down time to get these reviews written.

In the meantime, I hope you guys are having a great week. I’ll try to be back tomorrow (post grading frenzy) with a review. Finally! What are you reading? Are you doing any midnight reading?

  • I so feel you! It’s been pandemonium at my house after the unexpected Halloween nor’easter that dropped a tree on our car — it’s been insurance/meetings/work/clean up every night. Reading only when I can catch it. Hope your week is getting quieter/slower/easier.