Fridays at Home

21st October 2011


One of the most frequent questions I have about items in my home is: Where did you get that? More often than not, the answer is Marshall’s/HomeGoods or my local vintage shops. In fact, my dad will occasionally ask, and my mom will immediately answer for him… Marshall’s.

But when it comes to art, that’s a bit of a trickier question. I don’t like art from Kirkland’s or Marshall’s. In fact, I would argue that much of that is just decor and not art at all. Where do I get my art? I pull it from magazines or use cool postcards I’ve received or even make my own botanical prints (I’ll show you one of these days).

And then there’s Etsy.

Ah, Etsy. For those in the know, Etsy is a perfect way to lose hours of your day. In fact, I steer clear unless I already know of a vendor whose work I really love, and today just so happens to be the lucky day I share. Now keep in mind, this stuff is my taste, but a lot would make really cute presents as well since the holidays are coming along.

First up is Early Bird Ink. I’m not even sure how I stumbled across this site, but I know I fell in love. I love the graphics, and I love the colors (you can choose colors and backgrounds). I bought one to commemorate my first home, but these would also be great for a housewarming present or anniversary gift.

And here’s mine:

I really love it and can’t wait to get it in the frame and on the wall. Plus, the prices are really great. My print was $22.

Next up is Janet Hill Studio. Janet Hill is a painter and sometimes sells original work in her Etsy store. Mostly, though, she has high quality giclee prints. Her work is very colorful and reminiscent of earlier generations.

The English Major

The Goldfish and the Butterfly

Saturday Morning at Pemberley Flat

Then there’s Elizabeth St., whose shop I’m only slightly enamored. Ok, that’s a lie. Elizabeth St. uses maps in new and different ways, and I’m a little in love with this.

Matte Stephens offers prints of original gouache paintings. These are so quirky and remind me of a book I had as a child, though for the life of me, I can’t figure out which one. They are fun and really beautiful.

Canal Street, New Orleans

Greenwhich Village

Adventurer's Club

So… it’s your turn. Have any favorite Etsy shops? Spill the beans.

  • Anonymous

    These Fridays at Home posts always make me a touch jealous. I miss having a space that I can personalize in that way. I haven’t even tried here because we intend to move in the next few months. It seems a bit pointless. I love all of your suggestions, though. Please keep them coming!

    • You know, when I was in my apartment, I slowly but surely collected things. And I decorated my apartment, too (but it was in an old building, and I could). All this to say. Don’t wait. Make your space feel like YOUR space. Plus, it helped me to do all this on a budget because I’ve collected over such a long period of time.

  • Missremmers

    I love this! I’ve only recently discovered Etsy but have already had my husband say, “Really….what did we get in the mail today!” Great finds!

    • I know. I started Christmas shopping early because I fell in love with some of this stuff.