Why She’s My Best Friend…

17th September 2011

Today I get home after a long day, only to hear this on my cell phone voicemail:

“Ok listen to this:

<<Jennifer to Beth>> I think I’m pregnant.

<<Beth to Jennifer>> What? Why do you think you’re pregnant?

<<Jennifer to Beth>> I had three drinks last Saturday.

<<Beth to Jennifer>> I think we need to have a little talk about the birds and the bees. That’s not exactly how it happens.

<<Jennifer to Beth>> Whenever I have too much to drink, I start to feel pregnant. I think it’s because I never drink, and it would just figure that the one time I decide to loosen up, I get preg- nant. Three hours of weakness, and now I’m going to spend the rest of my life wrestling with the special needs of a fetal alcoholic.

<<Beth to Jennifer>> I don’t think they call them that.

<<Jennifer to Beth>> Its little eyes will be too far apart, and everyone will look at me in the grocery store and whisper, “Look at that horrible lush. She couldn’t part with her Zima for nine months. It’s tragic.”

<<Beth to Jennifer>> You drink Zima?

Ok. Is that not you and me, or what? I’ve only read Chapter One, and I’m cracking up. This little Chapter One reminded me of you and me so much. Thanks for giving me the name of this book. I got it through Inter-Library Loan. By the way, this is Sommer, your best friend.”

And yes, she said: Beth to Jennifer, Jennifer to Beth. And then laughed. A lot. I mean, who wouldn’t love a best friend like that? 🙂

And, which book is she referencing? Attachments by Rainbow Rowell.



  • Sommer

    You’re great. 😉 I’m loving the book!

  • This made me laugh so hard, I nearly cried. I send emails like that sometimes. I wish I had a voicemails like that on my phone. Your friend is awesome.

    • Isn’t that fantastic? She’s hilarious.

  • Meagan

    Can’t wait to read that one!!

    • You totally need to. You’ll love it.