BBAW Day Four and Giveaway

15th September 2011

So, today’s Book Blogger Appreciation Week topic is:

Book bloggers blog because we love reading. Has book blogging changed the way you read? Have you discovered books you never would have apart from book blogging? How has book blogging affected your book acquisition habits? Have you made new connections with other readers because of book blogging? Choose any one of these topics and share your thoughts today!

And while this is a great topic, I want to put this into action by sharing books you may not pick up on your own. Last year, I had such a great time reading, reviewing, and discussing Madame Bovary with Frances of Nonsuch Book. I don’t know if I would ever have picked up that particular book otherwise. If you’ve been around here a bit, you know I love graphic novels, though I don’t read too many of them. So today, in the true spirit of the thing, I have two books up for grabs. Two for two of you, two for me (so not solely altruistic). Two graphic novels – neither of which I have read, both which look intriguing:

My only experience with Paul Auster was a bad one and, unfortunately, highly stereotypical, as in “I wanted to throw the book at the wall” sort. I know. I’m ashamed. I promised I’d never use that phrase here. Alas.

City of Glass is the story of a detective on a meaningless case, who questions who he is, what he is, and how he got here. For some reason, I can see this translating really well into a GN. Plus, I’ve heard others rave about Auster, and this graphic novel with an intro by Art Spiegelman has me pretty pumped.

This is one of those books I’m not sure why I haven’t bought before now. I have heard amazing things about this wordless book. So know up front: no words. Is it still a book? Of course it is. Just a different kind. It’s about an immigrant’s isolating experience in a new place, and I think, as a new ESL teacher, the timing is perfect.


So…who’s in? All you have to do is leave a comment (with email address) telling me a little bit about your experience with comic books or graphic novels. Then, on Sunday, I’ll draw a winner for each book. Plus, if you enjoy the book, I’d love to do companion posts – hey, it’s all about book blogger community. And I’d love the chance to review a graphic novel with someone else.

Please note: Since it is, in fact, Book Blogger Appreciation Week, this giveaway is open only to bloggers. It is, however, open internationally. ๐Ÿ™‚


Open Internationally

Open only to book bloggers

Open until Sunday, September 18, 2011 at 8 p.m.

Emails will be sent to winners. Winner must respond within 48 hours.

  • I’ve read The Arrival, but I’d love to try the Auster book. As for graphic novels – I LOVE them! I read quite a few every month and wish it were a bigger category!

    • What did you think of The Arrival? It sounds/looks fantastic. And yes, I love them too. Wish there were a better selection at B&N in my city.

      • The Arrival was beautiful! There are no words in the story – just pictures, and yet the story is so beautiful, no moving and meaningful! It just takes 20-30 minutes or less to get through it. I think I went through it twice in a half hour. You should certainly give it a try! I’m sure you’ll love it.

  • Marlene

    I’ve had very little experience with graphic novels….only have flipped through them, then recommended them to my reading students. However, I’d LOVE to win The Arrival…having taught years of ESL, it looks extremely touching and poignant. I ‘read’ a wonderful, nearly wordless book several years ago, with students…and it was a delight! Can NOT remember the title…

    • Yeah – I’m excited to get a copy.

  • Nadia Anguiano

    Graphic novels are really cool. I think they make a great experience for reading. I read an article awhile ago that they wanted to make several of the school books that children read for English into graphic novels, because they felt it would hold their attention much more than if they were just reading novels. I though that was a great idea, because in my opinion, anything that gets kids reading is a great thing. As for me, the only experience I’ve had with graphic novels is Maus and Persepolis – EXCELLENT! As for comics, well, the Archie ones were my fave as a kid – LOL! Thanks for the great giveaway!! The Arrival sounds excellent – like my cup of tea (I’m a Chicana and so I love anything to do with the immigrant experience). Cheers!

    • I agree on all counts. ๐Ÿ™‚ I find them to be great between really involved books as well: The visuals are often simple, but the ideas are still very complex.

      And yeah – I’m definitely planning on trying some graphic novels with my ESL students. Thanks for stopping by!

  • Although I’ve decided graphic novels aren’t my favorite format for reading, I’ve really enjoyed a number of them. I blame it on DEWEY who had a post encouraging everyone to give them a try. I read MAUS and PERSEPOLIS my first year of blogging, and I’ve since found a few I’ve enjoyed every year. I’d love to win these graphic novels. I’ve really loved THE ARRIVAL (my mom teaches ESL too! and I remember thinking how well it related to her student’s experiences). I haven’t read Paul Auster yet, but it does look good. rebecca[at]rebeccareid[dot]com.
    I blog at Rebecca Reads

    • I really love Persepolis, and Maus seems to be one many people have picked up, if they pick a GN up. I think The Arrival looks fantastic, and like I said, I’m really excited about the Auster. There are some sneak peaks of the graphics, and it looks really cool.

      Thanks for stopping by and entering!

  • Sommer Leigh

    I love graphic novels. My first experience with them came about ten years ago when someone I knew mailed me a copy of the first Sandman book by Neil Gaiman, all because I was having a bad couple of weeks. The book was gorgeous and the story held me captive. After that I chased down the rest of the books and started exploring others. Blankets by Craig Thompson remains one of the best pieces of fiction in any medium ever written. Ghost World, Fables, Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, House of Mystery, The Walking Dead, Locke & Key, Harlequin Valentine, Violent Cases – there are too many to name that I’ve loved in my life.

    I blog at
    Wonderful topic, I wish more people reviewed and shared graphic novels!

    • I love when people do things like that. Sean from Read Heavily sent me a book last month when I was having a rough time, and it worked wonders.

      I need to pick up Blankets. I’ve heard such fantastic things, but sometimes I shy away when tons of people have read it.

      So glad you enjoy them, and I agree – I think we should definitely take more interest in them (if that’s your cup of tea). I think, unfortunately, people think of them as comic books, which isn’t a bad thing in my book, but others shy away. I want to change that.

      Thanks so much for your thoughts!

  • Oooooh…The Arrival has been on my TBR list for.e.ver.

    I only started reading graphic novels this year, I think. I’m kind of mad at myself for waiting this long to start reading them, because they’re great.

    • They ARE great, and you particularly strike me as someone who would enjoy them because of your varied reading tastes.

  • My first experience with graphic stories was when I read a graphic magazine. I still have it with me. It is a story about this team who was shot down over the jungle. I don’t read graphic novels much mainly because nearly all graphic novels here are anime/manga and I’m not a huge fan of these Japanese cartoons.
    I blog at Thanks for the giveaway!


    • I understand about the anime/manga. I’m not a huge fan, though I have three manga bios at the house right now I’m excited about.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting!

  • Anonymous

    Ooh fun giveaway. My experience with graphic novels is still pretty slim. I’ve read a few on my own by being part of the book blog world (yay). I’m actually in a Graphic Novel class right now. I know, right? It’s awesome. So far I’ve read Maus I and II and I’m reading Persepolis I right now…some upcoming reads are Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, It’s a Bird, etc.
    that’s my blog.

    lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

    • What a great class! Persepolis is great, and Watchmen was the first one that really grabbed me and showed me a different side of comic books.

  • Both books look fantastic. I love the occasional graphic novel but hadn’t heard of either of these. Thanks for the giveaway!

    • No problem! Thank you for stopping by.

  • Sorry, should have said: my blog is at

  • I’ve been wanting to read The Arrival FOREVER!! It looks so awesome.

    • Ditto. Why does it take me so long??? Grr. But one way or another, I’m reading it. And soon.

  • Debbie Rodgers

    The only graphic novel I’ve read was a version of ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ by F. Scott Fitzgerald. I picked it up only because it was the only edition available at my library and I wanted to read the original story after seeing the movie.

    I was amazed at how much I enjoyed, so I’m game for either of these – although I think I’d prefer The Arrival. Thanks for the chance to win!