Fridays at Home

9th September 2011

Hey guys! Welcome to Fridays at Home, where I take you inside Casa de Libro to show you what else I do besides read. And I have been busy the last several weeks. If you read my review of Moonraker  you know I spent all of last weekend doing house projects while listening to Simon Vance portray James Bond and whisper that sweet accent in my hot little hear. The first thing I did? Rearrange the living room furniture! I realized I had initially put the furniture this way in hopes that I would find a fireplace mantle to install sooner rather than later…

To the right of the front door and into the sunroom (notice the short curtain hung above the trim - ugh)

Opposite the front door and the other side of the sunporch - where fireplace will one day be...

On the other side of the front door and looking into the (old) dining room

When I realized that 2.5 years later, there is still no fireplace for various reasons ($$ and oh yeah, I’m picky), I decided the arrangements was just not working for me. So I did a lot of staring into space:

Yes - this is (skinnier) me, staring off into space...

And figured out the sofa needed to be along the wall you see when you enter. Duh. So I got to work. By the way, Maddie is no help, though she is certainly cute:

And bookish.

And here’s the (slightly-more) finished product:

I like the desk much better by the door. Plus, it's great for keys and mail.

The sofa fits much better along this wall, and now the wall doesn't look so bare (though it still needs some help).

I love this old map, but I need some other art on the walls, too.

View into the sunporch

 So that’s (part of) what I was up to last weekend. I still want to paint the inside of the front door shiny black and add some art to the various walls, but I think it’s an improvement. But right now, I’ve got to run, though – my ESL class is coming over for dinner, so I still need to grocery shop, clean, cookmowthelawntakeashower…. yeah, busy. 😉

Have a great weekend!

  • Marlene

    I love what you’ve done with your livingroom! The map on the wall is really great….beautiful room!

    • Thanks! I love that map.

  • Anonymous

    The room looks great…and I agree with Marlene that the map is such a great idea!!

    • Thanks! Still have some stuff I want to do, but it’s a step in the right direction.

  • Your living room is gorgeous! I’ll have to chime in with everyone else, the map really adds something to the room. And your dog is definitely a cutie.

    • Thank you! I love old maps, and my ESL students were over Friday evening for dinner, and they loved it too. And yep – Miss Maddie is something else. 🙂