Fridays at Home

19th August 2011

It is Friday, my friends. Rejoice. ๐Ÿ™‚ I am feeling happy and sunny today, and I thought I would share my front door makeover with you.

As I’ve mentioned before, my house is 108 years old, and I have the original front door and hardware. I have never been in love with the door, but that was partially because it was this dirty, ugly maroon. See below.

with Christmas wreath and ugly screen door

with ugly, useless screen door (it had a tear in the screen)

So this weekend, I bought a quart of Valspar by Eddie Bauer Daffodil in high-gloss/enamel and decided to brave the heat to get this project done. (Yes, I had tried about 8 samples before getting this particular color). I had gone over the door a lot with the sample paint just to make sure it was the color, so ignore the ugliness.


First step: tape doorknob and plate

Why didn’t I just remove it? Well, it’s been on there for over 100 years. If it ain’t broke…. and all that jazz. So I taped it like so:

Lots of little pieces of tape later...

Next step was to remove the deadbolt and some of the paint I had gotten on it from my enthusiastic sample painting. There were two screws on the inside of the door. Loosen those, and the lock comes away in two pieces. Voila!

Then, because I didn’t want to sling paint through to the other side, I taped it as well.

After that, I was ready to paint. And paint. It was hot out there, but I put my trash bag underneath the door to catch drips and would let each coat dry before evenly applying another. Thin and even strokes. I actually did use a brush, though I would have used a tiny roller had I had one at the house. Then, sit back and let it dry.

Eat some strawberries and have a glass of tea while you do this...

After you’ve re-hydrated, appreciate your work.

Yea! Oh, and burglars: I photoshopped out the other two numbers. HAHAHA!

I absolutely love it and am so glad I went with the cheery yellow. It’s also kind of ironic since I hated the yellow on the siding of the house, but come on – it was dingy and looked like melted butter. Ugh.

So that’s it. A couple of hours, some mad taping skills, and a little paint, and you’ve got a totally new look. Have you done anything to brighten up your space recently? Or would you never go for a yellow front door? Don’t be scared. I can take it. I think.

Happy Friday!

  • Lisa Allen

    I love love love your door! It’s absolutely a testament to your soul: all sunshine and smiles!

    • You are too sweet. It certainly does make me smile every time I pull up to the house.

  • I was going to say that I liked the door how it started out – but then got to the end and WOW, that yellow is stunning. I never thought a yellow door would be a good idea, but it’s perfect.

    • Thank you! Gray and yellow are a great combination. I lived with the house for two years before being able to get around to painting, and so I got used to the first door, too. But it was just so tired and dingy. So much better now.

      • Lisa

        Its good to see another person who went for it on their front door color instead of playing it “safe”. I painted mine orange and I’m loving it. By the way what is the name of the paint color on your house? It looks green to me.

  • Ti

    The two yellows in this post look drastically different. The end result is a lot brighter than the other photos. I sort of like both colors ๐Ÿ™‚ You did a great job! I got happy just looking at it.

    • They really do look very different, but that’s partially because sample paint only comes in one finish. The paint I bought was much creamier because it was high gloss/enamel.

      Thanks so much!

  • I LOVE the color of your front door. It makes a huge difference!

    • Thanks! I really think it makes a big difference too. It certainly thrills me to see it finished.

  • EmRivet/PeachtreePub

    Ooh, SO cute! I may have to copy you, you know, when I have a house of my own!

    • Do it! I copied others, and I’m so glad I did.

  • I was going to say the original door didn’t look so bad, until I saw the result. WOW! Love it! So bright and cheery. How can you not smile looking at it? Nice work, Jenn, and congrats again on your new job!

    • I know, right?! Huge difference. Thanks so much!

  • I agree with Elyse. I thought the maroon looked fine (actually, our front door was a color pretty similar to that for YEARS), but the yellow looks so much better! I love the hardware, too.

    • Thanks! And yeah – the hardware is original, and I am in love. I have extra doorplates that I want to frame.

  • Such a pretty color. The maroon wasn’t TERRIBLE but it was definitely a little dark. I’m glad that you had a productive afternoon.

    • It WAS terrible, I promise. Such better.

  • Yvette

    Looks fabulous!

  • Leslie

    Wow! What a great color! I love it.

    • Isn’t it great? I love it, too.

  • Marlener

    Love, Love, Love the sunny yellow…it’s fabulous with the greeny gray of the door…perfect choice…Well Done!

    • Thank you! I like it too.

  • Trish

    Oh I love love love the new color of the door! And, ahem, is that powdered sugar on your strawberries? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • Thanks, Trish! And yes, that is powdered sugar on my strawberries. But it was so hot, and I’d worked so hard and and and… I know, ridiculous. ๐Ÿ™‚

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