#fridayreads take me away

24th June 2011

#fridayreads take me away is a weekly meme to celebrate the start of the weekend and the glorious day of reading whatever the heck you want. I’d love for you to join!

What is Friday Reads/#fridayreads? Readers around the world join together in community to support one another and celebrate the simple joys of reading. Readers can win prizes for participating commenting on the Friday Reads blog, the Facebook page, or tweeting your book with the #fridayreads hashtag.

What is #fridayreadstake me away? It is a new meme for readers/bloggers. I have noticed different readers/ bloggers apologize for a certain book or phase of reading. I say, read. Period. Whether it’s a magazine you’ve saved up for Friday afternoon or evening or a mystery, romance novel, sci-fi, bodice ripper, or New York Times bestseller, Friday is about doing what we love most: reading.

How does it work?

-Figure out what your Friday Read will be

-Blog about why it’s perfect weekend reading and why you recommend it

-Grab my button and add it to your post

-Come back and add your URL to the Simply Linked URL box

-Visit participating blogs to see what they recommend

-Enjoy your weekend

What if I don’t have a blog?

Tell me what you’re reading anyway. Let me know if you need a great suggestion. I’m full of them, and I’m bossy, as are a lot of other people around these parts. ๐Ÿ™‚


  • I am reading Great Philosophers Who Failed at Love because I needed something quick and funny before diving into Everything Beautiful Began After (and continuing The Rest Is Noise, which with my utter lack of comprehension for basic music terms, is kind of difficult for me to understand sometimes, though the writing itself is excellent). Anyway back to Great Philosophers. Each vignette is just a few pages, so it makes for an easy, breezy weekend read.

    • pickygirl

      That book looks quirky and fun. I need to pick it up, along with a couple hundred others… ๐Ÿ™‚

      Ah well. Yeah, I don’t like it when I don’t understand and have to look stuff up constantly, but if you say the writing is great, then yeah, probably worth it. Enjoy Great Philosophers!

  • Real Simple sounds awesome (now that I know what it is.) Rainy days are perfect for reading, although I usually start out reading and end up taking a nap. Also, I’m glad that you’re finally getting rain where you are. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • pickygirl

      Thank you so much! Yes, everyone here keeps talking about it like we’ve never seen it before. Cannot imagine what droughts were like before modern conveniences. And Real Simple IS awesome. I love magazines in general, but this one is so great.

  • I have a Real Simple thing too. And a magazine/journal problem in general. All the pretty pictures. All the new ideas. All digestible in one sitting.

    • pickygirl

      Frances – how did I know? You are the only other book blogger I have found who enjoys design as much as I do. I still pull out my copy of Madame Bovary now that I have my new bookshelves. Love.

  • I’ll be reading OPEN by Andre Agassi – one selected by my book club and not my usual kind of read. Isn’t that what is so good about book clubs? It’s just perfect now that Wimbledon has started and I can lounge around sipping Robinson’s Barley Water and eating strawberries with the excuse that I am doing it for the sake of the book! It’s time to ‘Open’ up that crisp new cover and let the fantasy begin!

    • pickygirl

      I’ve heard that’s actually a really great book, but yeah, it wouldn’t be my usual either. And that all just sounds so perfect. Enjoy!