Good News

25th April 2011

Books, fiction in particular, help me to put my life into perspective. Sometimes, though, you get so wrapped up in yourself it can be difficult to see past your own problems. That’s me lately. Certain aspects of my life are, shall we say, not going well. I have been really down. Then Friday my mom and dad came over to help me move some furniture. We had just left a Good Friday service, and my mom discovered two packages on my porch – giveaway winnings from Pop Culture Nerd/Hachette Books and Book Club Girl/Harper Collins. When I opened it, one of the Kate Atkinson books caught my dad’s eye – When Will There be Good News? He jokingly said, “Hey, it’s sort of like your life right now.” Then he sat there a minute as I busied myself around the room and said, seriously, “Everybody’s got a copy of this book on their shelf. You’ve just had it awhile.”

And I just have to thank him. Because that book literally made me stop and think. I have good news. Good news in the form of those books waiting for me on the front porch. Good news in that my bookshelves are finally finished. My dad’s health is much better than it was 3 months ago. I’m going to BEA in New York and get to see my brother in less than a month. There IS good news; I’ve just been so wrapped up in the bad, I forgot to be aware of it.

So, thanks Pop Culture Nerd, Hachette Books, Kate Atkinson, and most of all, my dad, for helping me see the good news is NOW.


  • Oh, your post made me all warm and fuzzy. I’m happy that you have many good things to celebrate right now. And isn’t your birthday coming up? I hope your positive outlook continues and that the tough issues you’re dealing with will work themselves out soon.

    Enjoy the books and your new bookcases!

  • Sometimes it is hard to look past all the bad stuff and remember the good things. I’m so excited to hear that your Dad’s feeling better and that BEA is next month and you can see your brother! I also just finalized my flight and although I can’t stay the whole week, I’ll be there Wed night so that I can enjoy the conference festivities for Thursday and then Friday’s Book Blogger convention. Looking forward to finally meeting you!

  • It is hard to focus on the positives in our life when so much bad stuff keeps happening. Trust me, I know. I am working on being more positive and thankful for the little things… cause there are always good things, even if they are small… and life has a way of getting better ๐Ÿ™‚ sure more bad crap might happen, but if we can learn to focus primarily on the positives, then the bad stuff isn’t so bad. At least, that is what I am telling myself ๐Ÿ˜‰