#fridayreads take me away

22nd April 2011

#fridayreads take me away is a weekly meme to celebrate the start of the weekend and the glorious day of reading whatever the heck you want. Want to know more? Read the original post where I explain why you should join in with what you read on the weekend. Want to write your own post? *Steal* my button. Have your own #fridayreads take me away post? Link up below! Happy reading.

You know, to me, the ultimate read for a Friday accomplishes two goals: a. it takes me away (thus, the meme title) and b. it requires little in the way of thought. Not that I don’t love thinking. I do. [See yesterday’s review of Galore.] However, Friday afternoon and evening I selfishly claim as “me” time. Last Friday I stuck to my guns and took my copy of Real Simple and had my pedicure. This week is Good Friday, so I will be at church with the fam in the afternoon. Plus, work is still progressing on the bookshelves, but YOU, I hope, will be reading.

So what do I recommend you read this week?

To be perfectly honest, I have an ulterior motive. I really really want you to read Leviathan. I read this and reviewed it here way back in October.

Westerfeld creates an alternative history to World War I, full of steam-powered machines and biologically-altered creatures, who assist in war. It’s steampunk – set in the Victorian era, it’s fantasy at its most believable.

Leviathan is about a young man destined for great things and a young woman prohibited from dreaming of great things because of her gender. It is also about how each goes about forging his or her own way, regardless of society. Fantastic fun.

And I really want you to read it because I plan on reading….

I am almost embarrassed to tell you how long I have been intending to read this sequel. Leviathan is a real cliffhanger, but I guess since I had to wait (all of two weeks) for Behemoth to come out, my excitement waned. However, this is a perfect book for a Friday, and I am really anxious to start it and re-enter the lives of Deryn and Alek. Plus, if you read the first, I can tell you what I think about the second, and it will be a whole thing. Ya know? So get cracking.

What are you up to this beautiful day, and what are you reading for Friday Reads? I’d love to hear all about it and check out your blog!

jenn aka the picky girl

  • I keep seeing people talking about Leviathan, and I get really confused because there’s a book by Paul Auster with the same title! Which I would totally recommend by the way 🙂

    • pickygirl

      The other odd thing after I wrote this post last night? I realized that’s too whale-ish posts in one week (Galore is also tangentially about a whale). Crazy!

    • this is probably lame, but i trip over that title because i just read one of the david levithan co-written ya things – nick & norah’s infinite playlist. I’ve heard westerfeld’s name around but never looked into reading him. This book, though, sounds awesome.

      • pickygirl

        Well, why wouldn’t you think that? Any time I see his name, my brain automatically corrects it. I think you would love this book. I wasn’t sure at first because a. I don’t do much YA and b. I hadn’t read any steampunk, but I loved it. It was such a fun fun read.

  • Jo

    I’m going to be reading Alive Together, a poetry collection by Lisel Mueller, and Claude and Camille. I mostly, however, will be driving because I’m going to my parents’ for Easter. Happy reading!

    • pickygirl

      I haven’t heard of the poetry collection, but Claude and Camille looks so good. Be save, and have a great weekend.

  • I loved LEVIATHAN! My first steampunk book sent to me by a friend. I reviewed it a few days ago. Fun book. I can’t wait to read BEHEMOTH. This weekend I’m reading ONE WAS A SOLDIER by Julia Spencer Fleming. (A series I highly recommend by the way.) Have a great weekend!