#fridayreads take me away

15th April 2011


#fridayreads take me away is a weekly meme to celebrate the start of the weekend and the glorious day of reading whatever the heck you want. Want to know more? Read the original post where I explain why you should join in with what you read on the weekend. Want to write your own post? *Steal* my button. Have your own #fridayreads take me away post? Link up below! Happy reading.

This will probably be a familiar theme, but until classes are over and the last grade is assigned, this picky girl is going to be a basket case. Too much to do, too little time (though look for a post next week about teaching Persepolis and what I’ve learned). I’m trying to remember that I don’t absolutely have to have grades back to students within a week (they want them the day after they’ve turned in an assignment) and that I should try and have some sort of life for the last 12 days I am 29. That’s right folks. Only one more #fridayreads take me away post before I’m the big three-oh. So, where were we? Oh yeah.

This week I’m recommending you read… (drumroll please)

M.C. Beaton’s Agatha Raisin series. Any book really. I had never really read a “cozy” mystery until this past fall, but my mom really enjoys them. I picked up the first Agatha Raisin when it was cool and rainy outside and haven’t looked back. They’re light fare, that’s for sure, but who wants more than that on a Friday afternoon? Not me. Agatha is middle aged, divorced, and a bit bored. She has bought a house in Carsley, a small hamlet where the ladies, however friendly, call one another by surnames only and tea is mandatory (though often deadly). Agatha is also in the habit of poking her nose where it doesn’t belong, and too often that ends up in a hairy, hilarious situation.

The other great aspect of the Agatha Raisin series is that, unlike some series, there is really no need to read them in order. They are short, not too sweet, but definitely fun. Agatha’s antics tickle the back of the neck of this feminist, but I quickly get over it and just enjoy the ride in the lazy little town Agatha has made home.


And speaking of lazy….all I plan on reading today is this:

Isn’t that the most beautiful cover? Maybe it’s simply that I am craving all that energy the cover talks about, but when I got home from a really horrible day Thursday, this cover made me want to break into song and dance, run through the grass barefoot and drink lemonade. I need some “me” time, and I can’t promise I won’t be in a pedicure chair when I flip through this – cover to cover.

So…whaddya think? Doesn’t reading while having a pedi sound like the best kind of #fridayreads take me away? What will you be doing/reading to ease the stress of the week?

jenn aka the picky girl

  • Eva

    I love pedicures! And that Real Simple cover is lovely; when I used to do more collage stuff, I’d often pick up a copy of that magazine because there were so many pretty images inside. ๐Ÿ™‚

    My hand/wrist/arm is still hurting, so I’ve paused all of my paper books and switched over to my Nook for the moment. I’m reading: Harlem is Nowhere (nonfiction), Vanity Fair (reread for a book group), Around the World in 72 Days (nonfiction), and Charlotte’s Inheritance (because I loved Lady Audley’s Secret). Not a huge amount of variety today, what with both of my fiction reads being British classics, but I only need to read a hundred pages of Vanity Fair and then I’ll switch over to White Woman on a Green Bicycle. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • pickygirl

      Isn’t it beautiful? I didn’t know you did collage work – have you seen The Paper Garden by Molly Peacock? I have it to review for May. It’s about a woman who began collage work at age 72.

      Sorry you’re still hurting. Pain is so draining, so I’m glad the Nook helps you in that regard. And, may I just say, your reading impresses me. You always have such a large, great selection of books. Enjoy!

  • Jo

    Ooooo…I need to read that Real Simple asap! I’ll be reading Rose Daughter, by Robin McKinley, and maybe a little Jane Eyre.

    Hooray for Friday and Friday reads!

  • Nothing like a good magazine to de-stress with. Even better than a book occasionally. I love Real Simple and Vanity Fair and House Beautiful. The last three remnants of my ten magazines a month life. Ha! Oh and of course, The New Yorker. It’s hard to cozy up to a computer, I’d rather cozy up with a magazine and a cup of tea. And of course, a good book doesn’t hurt either. ๐Ÿ˜‰