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8th April 2011

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How it works –

Readers: Leave me a comment. Tell me what you’re reading. Ask for recommendations if you’re stuck.

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What I will do –

First, I’ll make a recommendation based on my week’s reading. If I’ve reviewed it, I’ll link to the review. If not, I’ll give you a synopsis and why I think it would make a great kick-your-shoes-off Friday read.

Second, I’ll tell you what I want to read on a Friday afternoon. It always varies. It depends on the weather and how clean my house is or how much that week has drained me.

I’m late! I’m late! To a very important date. So sorry. But a partial excuse will follow below. I’m not feeling well (sinus infection #2 of the year) and had a full work week, but I’m feeling a bit better. I’ll be recuperating today in bed, and I can’t promise I won’t take a nap or two.

Ready? I’m recommending you read… (drumroll please)

Ok, I know I know I know I am late to the party on this one. You see, I can be ornery along with picky. And after hearing so much about these books, I thought: dystopian fiction, young adult…eh, who needs it? Finally, after my sister threatened to no longer speak to me if I didn’t read these, a friend let me borrow all three. Actually, she forced them on me. So, last night, I couldn’t sleep. I had a horrible sinus headache and thought I’d pick up The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins and just read a little. This was at 12:30 a.m. Those of you who just read that groaned because you know what happens next. That’s right, I was up until 3:30 a.m. reading frantically to find out what happens to Katniss and Peeta.

What the heck is The Hunger Games? It’s about North America, when it’s no longer North America. There are 12 districts around the Capitol (located in what used to be The Rockies), though there used to be 13 districts. When District 13 rose up in revolt, the Capitol decimates them and begins the Hunger Games as a reminder of the power it has over the people, who are suffering and starving. Two children from each district, a boy and girl called tributes, are chosen to compete with all other tributes. It is a fight to the death, and the winner earns privileges for his or her district. But this will be no ordinary game.

I will leave it at this because I plan to do a review of sorts after I’ve read all 3 books. Which brings me to…

My #fridayreads will take me….

right back to Panem, where I will figure out what the heck happens in the sequel to The Hunger Games. And a shout out to my sister, Meagan: I may be thoroughly exhausted, but you were so so right.

So… that’s what I’ll be up to. What about you, guys and gals – what are you reading this Friday?

jenn aka the picky girl



  • pickygirl

    Just testing the Simply Linked tool. It works!

  • I finished The Hunger Games series about a month ago, so I was pretty late to the party too. I lost a lot of sleep staying up reading and crying over it. I’m really glad you’re getting into it.

    • pickygirl

      Yes, Jenn. It was so good. I’m glad I started the series on a Friday, when I had time to read. I would have been some kind of upset if I had had to wait between books.

  • Meagan

    Yay!!!! I’m so glad that you were as engrossed as I was. I just couldn’t get enough…even after the third one. I knew you would love these.

  • Marlene

    I SECOND that…Meagan, excellent tip on books. I read The Hunger Games Tuesday…could NOT put it down….then started the second book, and am well into it. SO Soooo good!!!

  • Jo

    I can’t wait for your review! I devoured these right as the school year started and was so glad I didn’t have to wait between books! I think Catching Fire is my favorite…

    • pickygirl

      If I had had to wait, I would have been SO upset. I guess that’s a fringe benefit of being one of the last to read the series!

  • just finished it this morning. cannot wait to start the next!!! Meagan, thanks for the tip! so very thought provoking. sad but I don’t think we are that far off from this type of entertainment. to me it is like Am Idol meets Survior meets Gladiator. I hope Katniss is able to turn things around but that is just my sappy love to see the underdog win and take down the crazy thinking government outlook!

    • pickygirl

      Isn’t it fantastic? I think you’ll be pleased with the next book. It was honestly my favorite. I kept thinking the same thing about reality TV. It really isn’t all that different. What society now requires of “entertainment” is appalling.

  • I bought my first copy, Hunger Games for my Kindle and decided I really needed to be able to share these books so ordered the following two from Amazon.
    Just received them today and cannot wait to start them tonight!!!

    ps. I love you for appreciating your mom and dad!

    • pickygirl

      You DO need to be able to share. That’s how I read all three, my friend Amy passed them all on to me after she got permission from the guy SHE borrowed them from. Ah, the cycle of books. Have fun reading! I need to post my actual thoughts so we can discuss.