Ah, Real Simple

18th February 2011

Fridays. I love them so. First of all, @thebookmaven on Twitter began an initiative where people all over the world share what they are reading any given Friday. There is now a blog just devoted to the lists of books people read most on Fridays. They are on Facebook as well (as is The Picky Girl). Each Friday morning, I eagerly wake up, log onto Twitter and add my anticipatory Friday Reads. After a long week of teaching, including at 12+ hour day on Tuesdays, I am so ready for Fridays. I teach one class mid day, and then I am finished. This Friday I plan on coming home, putting on some comfy clothes and curling up with my sweetheart (Madeline, my 5-year-old Yorkie) and my first issue of Real Simple. My sister gave me a subscription for Christmas, and my first issue came yesterday.

This is one of those guilty pleasures I don’t talk about too often, but I love a good magazine. I mean, love love. Just the anticipation of tomorrow afternoon, leisurely flipping through the pages of this refreshing magazine is enough to make me feel ok about all that will come before it. I love beautiful things, and I make no apology for it. Most of my home decor has been inspired from pages of magazines. In fact, I made a new super-sized inspiration board for my office/guest bedroom to house some of these magazine tearouts.

To me, a magazine – at least a good one – is sheer bliss. They are different than books. With a book, I’ll read whenever I get the chance, in a doctor’s office waiting room, at the post office, in the car. Magazines, though, I savor, waiting until the perfect series of lazy moments to flip through the pages. When I was still in high school, I dreamt of weddings and would buy copies of Martha Stewart’s Weddings. Then I switched to Living. I have also loved Architectural Digest, Southern Living, and Travel and Leisure. Of course, I got irritated with Travel and Leisure because no one I know can afford the types of trips they discuss or the travel accessories they advertise.

At the gym, I pick up whatever magazine happens to be left at the front desk – sometimes this is Texas Monthly or Shape or The New Yorker. But Real Simple, with its understated elegance and its practical but beautiful tips has stolen my heart, and tomorrow afternoon will be filled with the very real, very simple pleasure of an early spring afternoon spent in the quiet of my home, sunshine streaming through the large, open windows and gleaming on the 108-year-old wood floors. Thanks, sis. ๐Ÿ™‚

What are your guilty reading pleasures? What magazines do you savor?

Happy Friday!

jenn aka the picky girl

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  • What a lovely post Jenn! I think you just described what my ideal Friday would be as well!

    • pickygirl

      Thank you so much! I am definitely looking forward to it after teaching about writing here shortly.

      A lovely magazine deserves a lovely post.

  • Oh, my guilty pleasure magazines. Not gonna lie. I love reading smutty magazines with celebrity gossip. That is so bad I know, but I love it. I never buy them, but if a friend or family member has one, I’m all over it! I’m totally with you on Travel and Leisure too. It’s sort of like Samantha Brown’s travel show. They suggest these amazing vacation destinations/hotels/activities, and then you find out that said hotel only costs $1,500 a night. I have found that even Budget Travel is like that. I think people’s version of budget travel and mine are different or something. I’ve eaten hot dogs for a whole vacation because spending $70-100 per meal at a restaurant was not feasible (I had gone somewhere pretty pricey for vacation).

    Anyway, I love that you have an inspiration board. That is a really good idea. I am so bad at decorating. Maybe I will steal your idea eventually so that I can have a pretty house. Hehe!

    • pickygirl

      And, I hate to say it, but Budget Travel offends my sense of aesthetics. I would love to start my own travel magazine. I’ve traveled fairly extensively and usually in a very budget-friendly matter (while steering clear of hostels).

      I’ll post pics of the inspiration board when I’m finished with this room. It is so fun to have.

  • Priscella Burns aka Aunt Pris

    I got mine too and have not had enough time to devote to looking at it so I have put it off until I do. I’ve walked past it and have felt a tingle deep down in anticipation of the time we get to spend together. I love, love, love that gift. Thanks to Meagan and you for such a wonderful gift that keeps on giving! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • My favorite magazines are Martha Stewart Magazine and Time. I know they are on two different ends of the spectrum, but I love them both equally!

    Real Simple looks interesting. I have never heard of it. Comparable to Martha? I feel like I should get my sister a subscription!

    • pickygirl

      If you’re sister is anything like me, she will be very, very grateful. Real Simple.com is the website. Go check it out. It has a little bit of everything – decor, beauty, books, tips. Plus, the paper is recyclable, which I appreciate. Have fun poking around. (And yes, it’s comparable to Martha in a lot of ways).

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  • I love that magazine, despite the fact the recipes are never quite simple enough for me and their “simplifying your house/office/closet” suggestions always seem to require a $3000 budget for containers, shelves and organizers.

    Your Friday plans sound like heaven. Hope the whole weekend is just as nice.

    • pickygirl

      I just finished it and didn’t seem to come across anything too outrageous. It was so great just to spend some time flipping through. Now I’m debating on a nap or a quick cleanup of my laundry room. Maybe if I time it well, I can do both!

  • Meagan

    Yea!! This post made me smile. I’m so glad you enjoy those moments like I do. Love you so much.

  • Sommer

    I’ll have to read that one. I, of course, still love my Romantic Times Book Reviews magazine. They changed the name to RT Book Reviews. The only problem is that it comes in the mail wrapped in blue plastic. I hope my mail-lady doesn’t think I’m receiving dirty magazines! ๐Ÿ˜‰ By the way, it reviews all types of literature…not just romance novels! I know what you’re thinking! I’ve known you for too long! Hehe!

    • pickygirl

      hee hee. she probably wonders… you know there are a lot of book bloggers who only review romance, right? i need to separate them on the blogs I follow deal so you can check them out.

  • I love your site! It’s gorgeous!
    I’m not a huge magazine reader, but I admit I love flipping through photography and digital art magazines in the bookstore!

    Drop by and say hi if you get a chance!
    Kristin@ My Bookish Ways

    • pickygirl

      Thanks so much! I love photography mags too, just don’t often come across them. I’ll definitely stop by.

  • I love Real Simple too! But haven’t read them in a while due to budget constraints. In fact, haven’t bought nor subscribed to any magazine in a long time, since Domino folded. Although I do read a couple of my husband’s current subscriptions (Toronto Life and Saveur). I used to read Victoria and Country Living when I was younger, because of my mom, and then moved on to Martha Stewart Living, and then Domino (and occasionally only, House Beautiful and Real Simple). But I so agree with you about reading mags being so leisurely. Like you, I take the time and savour them and set up a piece of my time especially for them. (Btw, one of my friends occasionally buys celebrity gossip mags and I like reading through them when I’m visiting, lol. Talk about guilty pleasures.)

    • pickygirl

      Ah Domino. How I miss thee.

      Victoria and Country Living were also mags my mom picked up. As for the gossip rags, I’ve never been all that interested, but it’s funny you mention that. One of the ladies I work with had several today and every time she commented on hair or dress or whatever, I HAD to get up and go look. Pretty fun.

      • I know. I don’t like buying those mags myself, but when they’re there, I like leafing through them. Not particularly concerned about the gossip as well, but more for the fashion too, as I don’t subscribe to any fashion mag.

  • You know, it’s been a while since I’ve picked up a magazine. I really need to get a few every now and again. Real Simple is a perfect one and as kiss a cloud mentioned, I used to read Victoria for quite a while. I miss them – I need to go get one soon!

    • pickygirl

      I love love love Real Simple, but honestly, any pretty magazine works for me. I love Architectural Digest, but it’s so darn pricey!

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